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Turners marking 32nd anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Such beautiful weather the last few days. Hard not to get out and enjoy it.

Winter is just around the corner so we will enjoy these pretty days without the snow.

I have had a pretty good week. Went to Pikeville Friday, then to Hemphill to hear Dawson Creek. Then on Saturday evening I stopped in at the Cowan Community Center (they had a real good turnout), then church on Sunday. Always a great service.

Sorry to hear that Freddie Vanover died. Keep his wife Joyce and family in prayer.

Prayer list this week, Patrick Shepherd from Kingscreek; Mabel Taylor, and Maggie Stallard, both of Craft’s Colly; Thomas Wolfe will be having surgery in November, he lives in Knott County at Beaver; Roger Hoskins of Manchester; Melinda Daniel, Mike Fields, Irene and Eugene Day, Della Maggard, Tony, Carla and Destiny Maggard, all of Cowan; Agnes Maggard of Columbus, Ind.; Audrey and Charles Hammonds of North Vernon, Ind.; Jack Trent; and Mike Campbell’s dad.

Also pray for Don Enfusse who had foot surgery, Jesse Faye Combs and Archie Fields.

Happy Halloween. Hope all the children have a safe and happy treat night.

Birthdays this week: Debbie Lester on Nov. 3; Shelia Hurt, Donald Harding, Cathy Boggs, Lisa Pack Fields and Samuel Luke Turner, all on Nov. 5.

Happy anniversary to Wayne and Tammy Turner, who will be married 32 years on Nov. 6. Congratulations to them.

In memory this week: Earl Rayburn died four years ago, Josh Fields died four years ago, and Novake Banks Francis died two years ago, all on Nov. 5. They are gone but not forgotten.

I also went to Pine Mountain Grill on Thursday with the Ladies In Faith Together group. We all had a good time. Good food and good fellowship.

My complaint of the week: I buy health insurance and I need an eye exam. It does not cover an eye exam or glasses, and it will cost so much out of pocket. I guess I will not be getting an eye exam this year until I buy dental and vision insurance. Now isn’t that something?

Well folks, guess that is all for now. Hoping everyone has a good week.

A big hello to all of you who read this, and I pray that you all have good health. Until next time, may God bless.

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