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Turners marking anniversary

Big Cowan

Wow, what a weekend. Dreary, wet, cold and talk of snow. Just a good weekend to stay in. Wonder if Halloween will be wet and cold?

Late birthday wishes to Gypsy Brashears, who turned 90 on Oct. 26; Stella Bates on Oct. 28; Rocky Fields in North Vernon, Ind., on Oct. 28. I hope they all enjoyed their day despite the nasty weather.

Arlene Taylor and the late Marvin Taylor Sr. would have been married 24 years on Nov. 3. Thinking of them on this day and still missing Marvin.

Also in remembrance of Earl Rayburn and Josh Fields. They have been gone two years and are still missed by all who knew them.

Cathy Boggs and Lisa Fields both have birthdays on Nov. 5. May they enjoy.

Wayne and Tammy Turner will be married 30 years on Nov. 6. Congrats to them and keep both of them in prayer. Both have medical problems. Tammy also has a birthday Nov. 8. An early happy birthday.

My husband, myself, Mike and Melinda all went to church last Thursday night at Haymond Pentecostal Church. Joe Brown and Jeff Sloan were the guest preachers. They both did a real good job. It’s the first time I’ve heard either one.

Need to keep Joyce Wilson and Michelle Murphy in your prayers.

Remember all of our friends, neighbors, the communities, our country, all the churches, and pray for the election that is coming up. I believe our country is in the worst of times and needs to turn to God.

It is so hard to decide who will be the best leader. They both promise things they can’t deliver, and unless the government works with them we will still be in bad shape.

Congress has not worked with Obama since he has been in office, and I’m not sure they could work with Romney. Most of them need to be fired and we should get new ones in. Just my opinion.

Last year in Indianapolis, most of them would not show up for work. If it were you or me, we would be fired.

Most people like to blame the president for all that is wrong with the economy. He can only do so much. He is human, and if no one works with him then we all fall.

So no matter who is in office, Democrat or Republican, they need our prayers. And pray that God will give us the right leader.

The Bible is being fulfi lled every day, and some things that happen we cannot do anything about though we wish we could. Well, anyway!

Watch out for the little spooks and goblins that will be out and about on Halloween. Kids are so quick to dart in and out in front of cars, so we need to use caution.

Pray for the families who have lost their loved ones this past week. Some of them I didn’t know, but I still pray for their families.

Well, all have a good week. Until next time, God loves you.

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