Whitesburg KY

Turning back time

Sometimes as we look back over our life, we may find ourselves slowly and every so gently turning back the time in our memory.

We may see things which had long since been forgotten. We would no doubt see a time that was hard, but a lot simpler and more enjoyable. A time when people, young and old, could enjoy life without such distractions as TV, video games, drugs and alcohol. We may turn the pages one at a time and see such things as boys, and sometimes girls, squatted down around a circle drawn in the dust enjoying a hotly contested game of marbles.

The boys would be decked out in bibbed overalls, minus a shirt and barefooted. Once again, girls often wore overalls too and many were minus shoes, and many would be wearing their feed sack dresses that they were so proud of, and the more flowers in the design the better they liked them.

A girl wearing shorts was unheard of. All female clothing went well below the knees. Most wore their hair long and many braided it into what was known as pigtails. Then a new hairstyle came about, known as the ‘flapper.’

Along the way we may stop at a little country church and sit a spell to listen to the singing and preaching. Oftentimes the stay at church didn’t last very long because the preacher seemed to point his finger right at you, and if you had a guilty conscious you just knew he had found out all sorts of bad things about you. Therefore, the longer you sat there the harder the pew became and you became aware of a need for some fresh air and made a very ungraceful retreat.

We may see an old farmer out in the field planting corn and hear that all too familiar ‘clack, clack’ as the hand-operated corn planter opened and closed.

Sometimes we may see someone planting something and gently push the soil over it with a foot, and then step on it to pack the soil down a mite to keep the rain and wind from uncovering the seeds.

We may turn a page and see a couple of young lads racing across a pasture field with an enraged old bull in hot pursuit, and see the boys clear a three-strand barbed wire fence with ease and keep right on running as if they expected the bull to jump the fence too.

At the funny farm, until next time.

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