Whitesburg KY

Tutoring program begins August 28

The fall semester of the Letcher County After-School Tutoring Program, a one-to-one tutoring program for children with dyslexic characteristics, will begin on August 28 at the First Baptist Church on Madison Avenue in Whitesburg. Training workshops will be held at the James Still Learning Center at Hindman Settlement School on August 17 and 18,. Children must have been screened and accepted into the program before they can be enrolled. The program is operated in cooperation with the James Still Learning Center and will meet one night a week for 13 weeks..

Research shows that children with dyslexic characteristics learn differently than other children. Early identification of children with dyslexic characteristics coupled with programs that enable them to “learn how to learn” is critical to these students’ self esteem and future success. Although children with dyslexia tend to be of average or aboveaverage intelligence and emotionally stable, they are generally not able to read, write or spell to their capacities without modified instructional approaches.

For more information, call Saranell Caudill at 633-9228 after 7 p.m. or 633-2226 during the day. More information about the James Still Learning Center’s programs for children with dyslexic characteristics is available by calling (606) 785-4044 or visiting www.HindmanSettlement.org.

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