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TVS Cable announces major Internet upgrade, buys Linefork system

TVS Cable is in the testing phases for true highspeed Internet in Letcher County, making it the first community in Kentucky to reach download speeds of 1 gigabyte per second with existing cable equipment.

A gigabyte is 1,000 megabytes per second, about 10 times as fast as the fastest connection available through the company now, and more than 100 times the speed of the company’s basic Internet service.

“In the near future we will be able to add speed packages of 250 meg, 500 meg, and 1 gig download speeds,” the company said in a release this week. “We are still in the testing phase. However, it seems to be working well over the entire county.”

The upgrade is one of several highlighted by TVS in the release. The company says it is adding fiber optic connections to homes in Whitesburg “on a daily basis,” and that only about 20 percent of the state has that service. Fiber-to-home is considered the top tier of Internet service.

“Plans are to continue installing fiber where needed the most, therefore improving reliability and dependability of service and continuing to make Letcher County one of the leading counties in the state for technology advancements,” the company said.

The company said it has also worked with Appalachian Wireless to extend cable, Internet and cell phone service to Roxana, where high speed Internet and cell service were not available before.

TVS announced this week that it has bought B&B Cable, which previously served Linefork, Hallie, Red Star, and Ulvah. Construction of fiber optics has already begun in that area.

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