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Twin cousins celebrate birthday

On Saturday night, April 28, I had a good day. I went to a big birthday party for my cousin, Bruce Jones, and his first cousin, Lavene Jones. They were born on the same day, making them twin cousins.

Their dads were brothers and sons of Joe Jones and Henry Jones. Bruce was a son of my Aunt Mealie Jones. Lavene’s mother died when he was a little boy, and his dad took care of him like a mom.

Lavene and Imajean live in Milford, Oh. They come every year for a party. Bruce likes to do that for them. They had a good crowd.

Bruce’s sister Dorothy and her husband and daughter all came down from Elizabethtown, Ind. Randy, my son, and I went, Odessa, Louis and her daughter, Larry Jones and wife CC, Coleman Morgan, Lavene’s son and grandson came from Bristol, Tenn., and Larry’s daughter and little boy, and Mrs. Bob Holland and son came.

It was a good crowd, and I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

They had all kinds of good food cooked up and birthday cake and ice cream, coffee, soft drinks, pie, hot rolls and cornbread.

Lavene’s Grandpa Joe and my Grandpa D. D. Cornett were always good friends. They lived good, long lives.


Bruce’s brother Delbert and his mom kept him for the last 10 years of his life. He was blind since his early 80s. He was a good patient.

Aunt Mealie was his youngest daughter, and he loved her really good. She told me that his last words he ever said were, “Mother! Hey, Mother!”

It seemed that he could see his mother and wanted her to come to him. Then Aunt Mealie said she asked him if he wanted her to fix him something to eat and he told her he wanted some canned peaches.

He ate a few bites and just turned over and was gone. So easy. It was so hard to give him up. All of us grandchildren loved him so dearly.

Just before we left for the birthday party, my cousin Tannie came up. She was going to Whitesburg to eat out, and had come to see if I wanted to go with her. I had to tell her I was going to the boys’ birthday, and I asked her to go with me, but she wouldn’t.

My sister Judith called me and told me that her daughter Donna and Wayne came up Sunday, and they all got in Wayne’s new pickup and went to Whitesburg to eat dinner. They went to Pine Mountain Grill and had a really delicious meal. Wayne liked the cornbread barbeque sandwich. He’d never had it before.

Wayne and Donna live down in Tennessee near Cherokee Lake. They bought the new home in the summer of 2016. It is beautiful, Judith said, but I haven’t got to go see it yet. Maybe before summer is over I’ll get to go see it.

I received a note from Nancy Franklin Darien recently. It was a clipping of their local newspaper in Mesa, Ariz. It was news of a famous football player there that ran over his little three-year-old daughter. He is in very bad shape.

His name is Todd Heap, and he was one of the highly acclaimed athletes. He ran over her on April 14 and he is deep in the depths of heartache that few can even fathom.

Her name was Holly Heap. Oh! I know that must be so awful for him. I pray for our Heavenly Father will help him to come out of this tragic accident and give him some peace.

Lord, just hold him close and somehow let him know you are the only way back to where He will bless you in a great way with peace in His loving, caring manner. It was an accident.

This is all for now. Love to all my friends and readers of The Mountain Eagle.

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