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Two break bones in falls


Sorry I got so busy week before last and forgot to write a column. I thought about it on Tuesday. Forgetful seems to be my middle name lately.

During the recent 10- inch snow we got, two good Jeremiah ‘girls’ fell and broke bones.

Reva Adams fell at her home and broke her wrist and had to have surgery last Friday to repair it. Her son David also had to be taken back to the hospital because of sickness.

Her grandson Dillon recently celebrated a birthday during all these goings-on. I hope they are all on the mend and that Dillon had a good birthday.

Alma Rose Blair fell in the bad weather and had to have surgery on her leg and spent a couple of nights in Hazard Hospital. She has to stay off of her leg for 12 weeks so Estill will be busy taking care of her and the house for awhile.

Hopefully both girls have a quick recovery and will be back to their usual selves and as good as before. They are hard workers, and many will miss them while they recuperate.

Rodney Ison went back to Lexington to get a check-up on his recent back surgery. He is doing fair with it and will start physical therapy now.

Ronald has been taking care of Rodney’s cattle, and had his granddaughters helping out one evening.

Rodney’s brother, Aaron Ison of Indiana, hasn’t been feeling well, and he and Edith have Hospice and their children helping them out. Edith’s brother, Elbert Hampton, recently died.

Hoover Halcomb went to Florida a few weeks ago with the Breeding family. He stayed with Winston Gibson while all the Breedings visited brothers and sisters who live there. They have all returned home now, and I’m sorry to hear that Hoover didn’t feel well and some of his family went down and picked him up.

Tommy Harris Smith has also returned from his winter Florida trip. He, Mary Jo, Benji and Danna Smith all went to Somerset to attend the visitation for Vince Mccrarey on Thursday, Feb. 20. Vince was married to Mom’s (Coreen) sister, Juanita, and had been sick for a little while. His family and Hospice took good care of him until the end. He lived to be 91 years old and was in good health until lately. They will all miss him so much.

All of our family went down for the visitation, and Mary and Judy Lynn Adams were there from Dock’s family. Mamie’s family had Wilma Jean and Virgil Smith and their two daughters, and some of their grandchildren.

Dad recently had a couple of appointments at the VA in Lexington. After his first appointment, we met up with our daughter Jessie Banks Scott and her husband Andy for a quick hello and visit.

Then the next week we left the VA and drove to Morehead and stopped in to visit Bonita and Jerry’s daughter Lyndci and little ‘Sadie Bug.’ We had to sneak out to keep Sadie from crying after us, but when we waved to her in the window, she cried anyway, poor little thing.

Last week I took a few of my handmade items up to sell at the Railroad Street Mercantile in Whitesburg. While there, I enjoyed chatting with Kae (I can’t remember her last name) about her mother and grandmother.

When I first started buying, fixing up (repurposing, as it’s called today) and reselling in the late 1980s, Carolyn Ison would have items for sale, and many times she would call me with something she had bought and was wanting to sell. I always enjoyed meeting at her home to look at what she had found, and appreciated her for the bargains.

Kae said her mother always wanted to have a store of her own, and I believe she would have been good at it.

Their grandmother, Nancy, we got to know many years ago when we attended the Kingdom Come Old Regular Baptist Church. She has been gone a long time now, but I can recall her face. There were two little ladies who were named Nancy and Nancy Ann who sat together.

I think Kae thought I was too young to remember her, but I’ve been around a long time. I’m old, ha, ha!

Since my last column we attended Blair Branch Church on the third weekend of February, and this past weekend was Dixon Memorial Church.

Belated birthday wishes to Reva Adams and Dillon; Joanne Adams; Sandy Back Caudill; Vicki Campbell and our little nephew Derrick Williams.

On Monday evening, a birthday party was held at Burger King in Hazard for Derrick and his cousin Isaiah, who both recently turned two years old.

I so enjoyed the couple of warmer days we had last week and weekend. I think most everyone else did, too. Libby Smith and I had lots of visitors out to our shops on Saturday, and most commented they were ready to get out of the house on such a pretty day.

Ed, Cheryl Banks and family had Ed’s daughter Beth in from Middletown, Oh., last Friday. Ed took her out four-wheel riding and she visited with Sue Goodson and Bob and myself on Friday evening. Beth also got to see former classmates and friends, Gerald Slone and Wendy Sexton, and all her little nieces and nephews, and family. We all enjoyed her visit.

That’s it for now, sorry if I forgot some of the things I was told, but as I started this out with, forgetful is what I am.

Oh yeah, one note, the last column I wrote had quite a few mistakes. No wonder, my writing is like a chicken scratching and I guess it’s hard to decipher.

Bill and Joyce Adams’s grandsons Quenton and Tevin are not twins; Carlos and Tracy Adams lived close to each other in their lifetimes, and were laid to rest together in death.

Sorry for the confusion.

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