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Two buses of seniors visit a health fair in Hazard

PAT WRIGHT is pictured with a plaque she won for riding thousands of miles on a bicycle.

PAT WRIGHT is pictured with a plaque she won for riding thousands of miles on a bicycle.

The Ermine senior citizens went to Hazard last Wednesday to a health fair. It was at the college. We had two buses to take us. We had 22 seniors and four workers to go. We had a good time.

Coming back we stopped at Isom at the Dairy Fountain as usual and had milk shakes, chocolate ice cream, and different kinds of custards. I didn’t notice what each had as I was enjoying my peanut butter milkshake.

Pat Wright won a gift certificate and a plaque for riding a bicycle so many thousand miles.

Our good friend and wonderful cook at our center, Debbie Ann Adams, has retired from her job due to sickness. She came Friday to visit us, and we had two great large baskets of gifts for her.

Ann, we really miss you and hope you get OK and come back to work. (I miss your cornbread, too.)

Don and Nancy Fultz have been to Indiana to pick up their great-granddaughter. Glad they are back.

Patty Majority is having heart surgery in Lexington. Hope everything goes well with her and she’ll soon be back at the center. We miss our people when they’re not there.

Betty Newman has been sick but was back with us Friday.

Joe and Doris Bentley have come back home from them foreign countries. Hey Joe, did they run you off ’cause you’re a reject? Just kiddin’. Glad they’re back.

They brought me a rock from Austria and one from Germany. Yeap, rocks, as I like rocks. Everyone needs a rock. I have rocks from a lot of the states.

We are going to Kingscreek Center October 30 for a Halloween party. So come on, you guys and gals from the Ermine Center, and dig out your costumes and false faces and dress up pretty and join in all the fun. Hope to see you all there from the other centers.

God bless until next time.

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