Whitesburg KY

Two in Maggard family hospitalized

Big Cowan

I just heard that Tony Maggard had been in the hospital with his heart.

Also his mother, Mary Ann Maggard has been in and out of the hospital, and Ramona Fields Boggs has been in the hospital with salmonella.

Let’s keep all of them in our prayers and wish them a speedy recovery.

A belated happy birthday to Roger Eldridge on Aug. 24. Marvin Taylor Jr. will celebrate his birthday on Sept. 3.

Other birthdays this month are: Archie Ray Fields on Sept. 12. He will be 64 years old. Have a good one, big brother.

My brother-in-law Eddie Wolfe has one on Sept. 15, and my oldest granddaughter will be 17 on Sept. 30. Everyone have a good one.

Ronald Fields and his wife are in from Greenfield, Ind., visiting his brother Tommy and sister Jessie Faye. I hope you had a good visit.

Sorry, folks. I didn’t have a lot to write this week.

Until next time, have a good week and my God bless you. Attend the church of your choice.

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