Whitesburg KY

Two Jacks hurt in falls from ladders


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well and are enjoying this beautiful weather. Seems like the trees all turned green overnight. I love this time of year. In fact, I love all the seasons, even the winter when it’s snowing. It’s so pretty but I try to stay inside then if I can.

I sure enjoyed the Easter cantata at the First Baptist Church. It was so good! I enjoyed seeing Leigh Lewis and Jolinda Maggard. They looked so pretty! They don’t change a bit! Charlotte (Smith) Brown brought her mother, Florene Smith. She looked good. I missed seeing her in the choir. I’m sure she would have loved being there and I’m sure she will be before long.

My sister, Louise Shepherd, had all her family together over the weekend at her son, Jerry Shepherd’s, home. Carol Day left for a cruise with some friends from Mountain Comp. They will be coming home this weekend.

Kathleen Brock and her husband, Earnest Brock, have been at Barbourville Children’s Home for a board meeting. They always enjoy that.Now for all the accident reports. My brother, Jack Howard, fell off a ladder while trimming a tree. No broken bones but bruised and very sore. He had to go to the hospital and spend the night.

My son, Rob’s, friend and work partner Jack Sparks wasn’t quite so lucky. He was doing the same thing the other Jack was doing on a ladder and a large limb came down on him. He ended up in ICU in Owensboro. He’s out and doing better now. Hope he keeps doing better. Rob has been real concerned about him. I have been too. I like him; he calls me “Mom.”

My sister-in-law, Joyce Howard, had a bad fall and broke her ankle, three bones, and it was also out of place. She had to have surgery and spend three days in Pikeville Hospital. She came home Friday.

We saw Irene and Homer Amburgey and their daughter, Joanne, and her husband, Bobby Gross. They were with Irene and Homer’s daughter, who was having surgery. It was good seeing them. Homer said I wasn’t writing enough in the paper. I have to leave room for the pictures. I think the people enjoy the pictures more than my boring news, especially the people who get The Eagle who have moved away and are probably homesick for us and love to see the pictures of their old friends. Dan Combs’s children said they loved seeing the picture of the late Betty and Jim Marlowe and children, Bob, John and Paul, and their dog Mike.

I surely offer my deepest sympathy to the family of my dear friend, Camille Combs Fickling. She had been so sick for so long, never complaining and never stopped smiling and loved company. She loved to talk as much as I do. I loved visiting her. It was good meeting her son and it was good seeing her sister, Jill Messer, Greer, S.C. of her brother, Stephen “Danny Boy” of Jacksboro, Tenn. I didn’t see James and David. There were so many people there. Leigh Lewis said, “Tell everyone about the large crowd. It showed how much she was loved.” To know Camille was to love her. I watched the Combs children grow up. I could see their home from my house.

Betty and Bertus Tyree and I visited Clyde. We also saw Kellis “Bud” Hatton and his wife, Wanda, who was visiting him. Clyde and Bud were both doing OK.

Betty Tyree, Louise Shepherd and I went to Dairy Queen for lunch to celebrate Louise’s birthday (a day late). We couldn’t get up with our sister, Kathleen Brock. We will do it again later.

Larry and Linda Hatton spent two days at their camper on the lake and enjoyed themselves. They said it was beautiful there. They work so hard, I’m glad they got to go.

I hope the big yard sale from Whitesburg to Colson has good weather. Last year I think it rained. I think it is next weekend. I might even have one if I can find time to get it together.

It was sad seeing Jenkins Community Hospital close. A lot of jobs will be lost. I hope they can find jobs. The people have depended on their jobs and never thought this would happen. I hope everything goes well for all.

Homer Amburgey, have I written enough this time? If I’ve bored everyone to death, it’s all your fault. Just joking! I(t would be my fault.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church this week if you are able.

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