Whitesburg KY

Two new arrivals

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day and was blessed with good health.

Not much happening on Cowan this week. Big Cowan

Pray for Anna Lou Maggard Combs. She is at Whitesburg ARH again, and really needs our prayers.

I hope Thomas Wolfe enjoyed his 33rd birthday on May 10. We love you, Buddy He lives at Hazard now and seems to be doing pretty well.

Also, Mary Jacobs of Hindman has a birthday May 12. Her daughter, Melinda Daniel, wanted to wish her a happy birthday and a late happy Mother’s Day.

Two new arrivals this past week. Mallory and Jody Webb had a baby boy, Aiden Carter Webb. Mallory is the daughter of Deborah Ison and the late Delmar Fields, and Jody is the son of Danny and Sharon Webb. Congratulations to all. He will be a blessing to their family. I saw him on Facebook, and he is a handsome little fellow.

The other new one is Colton Lee Johnson, a son of Steven and Tonya Johnson and grandson of Frieda Boggs Johnson and her husband, and David Tyler and his wife. I’m not sure of some of the names, but I hope they spoil Colton anyway, and congratulations to all. He will supply you with lots of happiness.

Both babies are from very good families, and will be loved by everyone. Both are handsome little fellows.

Pray for all the towns that were hit by all the tornadoes. So much devastation, but it shows how quickly a person’s world can be turned upside down, literally.

Well, I hope everyone has a good week. I will try to write more next time. Take care, and please pray for all of our troops nationwide, and for our President.

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