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Two old friends finally meet

Just a line or two or three from the funny farm. I would say from the nut house, but that would sound too much like a final analysis. Anyway, I hope everyone had a safe and funfilled week.

It is about time for everyone to be on the alert for our school buses again, and they will be hauling a precious cargo. Some will be glad to get back into school and some won’t. They may not like to go to school now, but later in life they will be glad they did.

It is a traumatic experience for a little one just starting school for the first time because there is no easy way to introduce themselves to an entirely new world from what they are used to that will quell their fears. An understanding and caring teacher is of the utmost importance because if they develop a fear of school, they will always hate to go to school which will result in a high dropout rate.

Usually teachers who have children of their own can interact with the students better than one who doesn’t. Most little ones seem to adjust rather well after a few days, especially after making some new friends.

Now on a different note, we have some friends, Ed and Ida Vandermolen, who live in Wisconsin. We hadn’t seen Ida in a couple of years and had never met Ed. What a surprise when we got a call from Ohio two weeks ago from them. They were visiting their daughter and said they would stop by the following week.

So on Thursday afternoon of last week we kept watching for an unfamiliar vehicle to pull up our driveway. We had no idea what they were driving. When they arrived, like many others, they couldn’t make it all the way up our driveway and had to hoof it the rest of the way.

Our getting acquainted went quite well because we felt as if we had known Ed for years through Ida. We really had an enjoyable gettogether and after a spell, Ed and I retired to the kitchen table to talk while the women were chatting in the living room.

Ed and Ida spend their time working for the Lord by helping others. One such instance resulted in Ed falling from the top of a building, almost costing him his life. It was many, many months before he was able to do anything for himself, but he is now about 90 percent recovered. People of the caliber of Ed and Ida are hard to find in this neck of the woods.

They brought us a jar of homemade maple syrup and, being the inquisitive type, I had to learn how it was made. It normally takes 40 gallons of sap to get one gallon of syrup. It is made in much the same manner as molasses. Ed said things were better this spring and it only took 30 gallons of sap to get a gallon of syrup.

I always had a desire to watch it being made the oldtime way. The best time to collect the sap in the spring is with the temperature in the 40s during the day and in the 20s during the night.

I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get to meet Ed because he was in Wisconsin fighting for his life and I was in Kentucky fighting for my life. But everything turned out just fine.

It seems that every time Ida called she was preparing to clear the snow from their driveway or had just finished. I’m not the least bit selfish, so they can have my share of snow too. We get inches of snow and they get feet.

They have wonderful neighbors and they pitched in to help while Ed was incapacitated. If you have a good friend, cherish that friend, or if you have a good neighbor or neighbors, cherish them because they are priceless. How priceless one never knows until you need them and they’re not there.

Anyone who is a friend or neighbor only on Sundays is really not sincere and is only there to be looked upon by others, and will look the other way rather than speak to you.

And that is all from the funny farm till next time.

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