Whitesburg KY
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Two quilts going at Kingscreek

Hello everybody.

I just got home from the center and wanted to get this in today’s mail. With the weather predicted, I can’t be sure what tomorrow will be like.

There were only a few at the center today. So many are out sick and with other health problems. We miss all of them when they aren’t there.

We finished tacking out a quilt and got another in the frame. It will be ready when we get back over there. They are quilting on another one too. Nice when we can keep two going.

I’ve been talking to my brother Roy W. and Manie Fields. He had some lesions removed from his tongue and they were cancerous. The doctors said they got it all, so they aren’t having to give him treatments.

Since Roy Wayne knows everyone and they know him, I thought I’d let everyone know at once.

My nephew, Audie Fields II, is in Pikeville Hospital. They are running tests on him. We are all worried about him.

They predicted a bad snow and I say we should all do an ‘anti-snow’ dance to see if we can keep it away.

I don’t know if it will work, but it won’t hurt to try.

That’s all for this week. Remember to be kind, and if you can’t say something nice, come sit by me.

Until next time, have a great week.

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