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Two take first in fishing tourney

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. I’m sure everyone is enjoying these pretty, sunshiny days.

It’s good to get out and do a few outside jobs that need to be done. I love being outside.

Our sympathy really goes out to the family of Shirley Niece. Everyone loved her. I attended the funeral at our church and it was the biggest funeral I had ever seen. People came from everywhere.

She was a member of our church. She was so faithful. She came in a wheelchair with her oxygen as long as she could. She will surely be missed. She was a great singer with the Niece Family.

Velma Slone of Cowan had a birthday on March 10 and my dad, the late Bill Howard, would have been 108 years old on March 9. He died at 83 years old, and we still miss him terribly.

Chris Hatton and his friend Donald Pease went to Tennessee for a fishing tournament and won first place. I haven’t heard all the details yet. I’m sure they were pleased; they love fishing.

Our school students are back in school finally, after all the snow, floods and slides.

It was good seeing Glenda Jean Miles and Patsy Stevens in the Family Dollar Store the other day. We hadn’t seen each other in awhile, so we had a good little visit.

I also got to see Linda and Gerrard Collins at Whitaker Bank. I hadn’t seen them in a long time. It was good seeing them. I’ve always liked them and their son, Bub.

I was so sorry to hear of the death of Frances Day, wife of R.C. Day. Anna Watkins of Florida always asks about him. They were both postmasters and met at a lot of meetings. Our sympathy goes out to him and his family.

It was good seeing another good friend, Peggy Bentley, of course in a grocery store, Save A Lot. That’s where I see most of the people. I don’t get out much anymore.

I was pleased to get a call from Sister Shelby Feltner of London, and then I saw her on TV with her singing group, Heaven’s Jubilee, on the Beattyville station. Her daughter is also in the group. They are a real good group.


I have been trying to get in touch with my cousin Ruby Jean Howard in Indiana, and haven’t been able to reach her. I hope she is doing okay.

I got a call from Elzie Ray Hatton in Tennessee. His wife Irene was making banana nut bread. Twenty of them were for sale, and I can almost smell them. I wish I had one.

My sister Judy Green and I had a good day out visiting the sick, Bro. Earnest Brock and Sister Judy Fields, who are having rehab at Letcher Manor. I think they are going to get out soon.

We just found out our cousin, Bro. Larry Van Hatton of Indiana, had died. He was in here for the funeral of Shirley Niece and he had a massive heart attack. He was a Kentucky boy and was pastor of Cowan Pentecostal Church before he moved to Indiana.

He was the father of Jamie Hatton and Tabatha Spencer, and was well loved and will never be forgotten.

My sister Judy and I also visited with our brother, Charles Howard, and his wife Brenda at Howard’s Carpet. That’s a good place to visit and meet friends.

Larry Hatton and Kevin and Larry Kevin Day, have been to Bowling Green for the Cougar girls’ basketball game. I listened to it. They really played well. It was a good game and they almost won.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church this week if you are able.

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