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Two were inspirations, models


We have had a sad two weeks due to the death of two of our dear ladies. Phoebe Fields was buried on Sunday and Elsie Boggs died on Monday. They were both 93 years old.

Both had been loving and well-loved members of the Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church since their youth and were inspirations and models for all of us who came along later. We will miss them, but we are comforted and thankful to know that death is only temporary. It is life that is eternal for those who are born again.

Eula Brown and her sister Becky and brother Buddy missed that last little winter spell by vacationing in Mexico. They are back now and welcoming spring.

We were happy to see Nettie Roberts able to come to church Sunday. She still desires everyone’s prayers. Also pray for Juanita and Earl Profitt, who are not able to come.

We were happy to see Martha Wenning from Ohio.

Linda Combs wishes a happy birthday to Jennifer Combs of Ice, who celebrated last week.

Bennett and David Combs enjoyed a vacation in Naples, Fla. They visited with Bennett’s nephew and other kinfolk. They were sorry to miss Don and Dana Ison Walker as they were in Tampa for their daughter Kim’s surgery. Dana later reported that the surgery went well, but they still need prayers.

Bennett’s nephew Shad Jones, has written a book, The Ball Park Boys, that is being sold here. Shade’s father, Red ‘G.C.’ Jones, also published a book of his life, Growing Up Hard in Harlan County.

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