Whitesburg KY

Two win Walmart gift cards

Bach Court

Whitesburg Housing Authority gave away two Walmart gift cards at Christmas. There was a drawing held. Everyone who had paid rent on time had their names put in the drawing.

Alice Bentley and Ella Morris won. Congratulations, girls.

Thelma Brown has been sick and in the hospital. She is doing better.

Belated happy birthday to Brenda Williams of Kingscreek.

Happy birthday to Regina Shepherd Hurst on Jan. 7, also of Kingscreek.

Happy birthday to our police chief of Whitesburg, Tyrone Fields, on Jan. 8.

Happy birthday to Ada Fields Damrell on Jan. 10. Happy birthday, cousin. Hope you had a great one.

Also having birthdays this month are Bonita Adams,

Jan. 12; Kelly Hogg, Jan. 14; Ryan Maggard, Jan. 15; Roger W. McDonald, Jan. 18; Monica Reed of Dry Fork, Jan. 18; Sierra Nicholas, Jan. 22; Bertha Sexton, Jan. 26; Melanie Combs of Cowan, Jan. 27; Jack Howard, Jan. 29; Ron Meade of Kingscreek, Jan. 29; Whitney Helton, Jan. 29; Helen Cooper of Kingscreek, Jan. 30.

There are quite a few birthdays this month. Hope everyone has a great one.

We had a great Christmas. My granddaughter, a new grandson and Wendy Ison Lucas is expecting in August. I’d say those are all great presents.

Until next week, God bless.

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