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UK waits on bowl bid

The Kentucky Wildcats football team gave arguably its most gallant comeback effort to date last Saturday against border rival Tennessee, but at the end of the day it came up short 52-50 in four overtimes.

It was a long day (4 hours and 45 minutes) of gut-wrenching, emotion-filled SEC football at its best. UK trailed 24-7 at the half when most teams would have chalked it in, but not the Wildcats. It had been a season-long goal of the 2007 UK seniors to be the class that ended the 22- year-long losing streak to the Vols. It was one of the main reasons Andre Woodson and Keenan Burton returned for their senior campaign instead of putting their names in the 2006 NFLdraft.

Make no mistake, Wesley Woodyard, Andre Woodson, Keenan Burton, Rafael Little, Jason Leger and Jacob Tamme – all born and breed Kentuckians except for Woodyard and Little – left their hearts out on the Commonwealth Stadium turf Saturday evening along with their teammates, but came up two points and one play short of victory. It just didn’t seem fair that the players who do things right and live by the letter of the law lost and the team with the drugrelated issues and constant offthe field problems won. But that’s what makes sports in general and football in particular so special – it is a great teacher early in life on how to deal with life’s real pitfalls, trials, and tribulations.

To the Big Blue Nation fan base, it hurts for awhile but when the sun comes up the next morning life goes on. To the players and coaches, it lingers a while longer in the emotion department and then sets in for eternity in the what-if department. It hurts to the point that it leaves a scar on the athletes’ career goals. Thankfully, this particular senior class has many other triumphs to pull from as the days go by into the future. One game does not make a season or a career and this particular senior class does have more football in front of them, but we’ll have to wait until next Sunday to see where and when that will be.

Postseason scenario

still muddy for Cats

Rumors were hot through the press box Saturday before kickoff that a UK win would put the Cats in either Atlanta or Tampa for the holidays. Chick-Fil-A Bowl scouts and Outback Bowl scouts along with a few minor bowl scouts were passing out lapel pins and patches for their respective bowls with big smiles on their faces talking up that passionate Wildcat football fan base. However, with the dejecting loss behind them now, the Wildcats still need to keep the helmets shined up and uniforms cleaned because there is a spot for the Cats in the postseason. It will be next Sunday before it is all cleared up but Cat fans can more than likely make reservations for Nashville and another Music City Bowl appearance or Memphis and a first-time-ever appearance in the Liberty Bowl, but that’s just an educated guess. Nothing is certain until next weekend’s games are played. Until then Cat fans need to pull for LSU to beat Tennessee in the conference championship ( hat shouldn’t be hard for Cat fans) because a LSU win will give the SEC three teams (LSU, Georgia, and Florida) with good shots at a BCS bowl, which will open up spots down the bowl ladder for teams like UK. Also, it is a rule in the bowl food chain that no team from the same conference can be invited to a bowl with a 6-6 record if there is a team in the same conference with a 7-5 record.

Translated, it looks like the Cats can get a little satisfaction in that the ole ball coach Steve Spurrier at South Carolina and Alabama’s wealthy Nick Saban will have to stay home if comes down to them or the Wildcats with any bowl tied in with the SEC.

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