Whitesburg KY
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Uncle Pete

My Great- great- uncle Pete was a really laid back kind of fellow. He liked to sleep late in the morning and when he did get up, he would have some coffee and breakfast then sit on the front porch and whittle while he waited on dinner. Then after dinner, he would nap on the porch swing while he waited on supper. I guess you could say he was almost too lazy to live. All In Fun

As a result of all this laid back living, the weeds grew up in the yard, the garden wasn’t planted, the house needed paint, and the roof leaked. None of this bothered Pete at all.

But it was a custom at that time in this area that a committee would come and talk to a fellow that wasn’t taking care of his family or doing his part in the community. If that didn’t work, they would place a bundle of switches on his doorstep to warn him to do better. And if this failed to get him up and working, a committee of men in the neighborhood would tie him over a barrel and whip him with the switches until he decided to do better.

Having the talk with Pete failed to get him started. And a few weeks later, the bundle of switches placed on the doorstep filled him with worry, but he still couldn’t make it up out of the porch swing.

A couple of more weeks and the committee showed up with a barrel and a bunch of long switches. Pete said he really didn’t want a whipping, but he hated to work so bad he believed he would just take the whipping. He said they wouldn’t have to tie him up, he would just take it to keep from working.

So they all started in to whip him with the switches. After a few minutes, Pete started saying “wait, wait, wait.” They all thought he had changed his ways and decided to work and become a part of the community. But Pete said, “You fellows are going to have to tie me up. I just can’t stand still and take it.”

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