Whitesburg KY

Under the summer stars

To the Editor:

There was a musical battle in the streets of Blackey Saturday night, August 11. There were four bands in the competition: Eleven-16, Already Been Taken, Dark Horse and Wanted. Only one could be the official winner, but in my opinion, they are all winners.

The songs these young people chose to perform weren’t simple three-chord tunes. They played songs with a high degree of difficulty and they certainly played them well. They nailed it, dead on, right on! They rocked the city of Blackey down.

Their stage performances were excellent. Each group did a fantastic job engaging the audience. Their originality, enthusiasm and talent is to be congratulated. Their hard work and dedication paid off Saturday night; they were jammin’!

Some people may not quite realize the amount of work that goes into learning a tune, especially a rock ‘n’ roll tune. What we hear for approximately three to five minutes is a culmination of many hours of hard work. It takes a special kind of dedication and patience to get the sound and lyrics just right.

It also takes an extremely strong desire, a passion for and love of music to play the way these bands put it out there. Their level of professionalism was impressive to say the least. They were all outstanding in their performances. Each group had its own genuine style; each had its own hot licks!

These four bands – Eleven- 16, Already Been Taken, Dark Horse and Wanted – came to Blackey full prepared to compete. They came, they saw, they rocked! I have no doubt we will be hearing much more from these exceptionally talented groups in the weeks to come. I highly recommend you don’t miss a single opportunity to hear these bands play. They will rock you!

The official winner of Blackey’s Battle-of-the-Bands was the group called Wanted. They received a “Promo Package” as their first-place prize.


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