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Uniforms have equalizing effect in nation’s schools

In school, one of children’s top goals, besides receiving a proper education, is to fit in with others.

A need to be liked is part of human nature. No one should be faulted for wanting to fit in.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where some kids are mean to others because they don’t come from the same economic backgrounds or they look or dress differently from other kids.

One place where kids don’t experience such treatment is St. Joseph Catholic School in Bowling Green.

At St. Joe’s, all kids dress alike each day.

More than 340 students in preschool to eighth grade at the school wear school uniforms. The type and color of shirt, shorts, pants, skorts or T-shirts are set out in the dress code.

Subsequently, kids can feel a sense of equality when they walk into St. Joe’s.

This gives these kids, who are at a very impressionable age, a sense of security and of belonging, which is why such dress codes are a win-win for everyone.

Another plus is that kids don’t come to school with jewelry, which can be a distraction to others. Less distraction should mean students absorb more of the curriculum.

These students have some flexibility with the dress code with shoes – open-toed sandals or other sandals are allowed, but no flip-flops. Crocs or boots are permitted. Kids say wearing different colored sneakers doesn’t raise eyebrows.

Some students like their uniforms so much that they wear them outside the classroom, such as when eighth-graders visit Bowling Green High School to take geometry class after completing St. Joseph algebra classes.

Many kids also like that they can be dressed for school each day in a matter of minutes, never stressing over selecting what to wear each day.

This most certainly makes life simpler.

Wearing school uniforms is a good, sound policy.

It provides a sound structure in these children’s lives, keeps them from being judged, and most important, eliminates stress and distractions.

St. Joseph Catholic School is getting positive results from this policy.

Other schools in our area might want to consider adopting such a policy.

— Bowling Green Daily News

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