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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Union meeting held at Little Cowan Church


Our summer season is going by fast as I have mentioned before. For me, it has been a pretty nice season. No garden, no fruit changes a lot of things for those who are used to canning or putting food in the freezer.

This past week was the union meeting at the Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church. We had several visiting ministers and a good service each night. We were sorry to hear that Elder Hasco Jenkins of Ohio, was in poor health. We missed his visits as he usually visited sometime during the year.

Elizabeth Fairchild attended the Little Dove Church at Eolia on Sunday and reported a good service. We are proud of the many churches in our area. Elder Brad Dutton and his wife of Louisa, attended church at Little Cowan on Sunday.

Get well wishes to Mrs. Jeanette Day and others who are in poor health. Hope they will get better soon.

Our sympathy to the family of Mr. Sherd Martin. I am sorry to hear that he had died.

Carl Bennett and Marsha Banks were pleased when Patty Majority came by for a visit last week.

Labor Day guests of Marsha and Carl Banks were Marty Lewis and sons Derek and Kevin of Columbia, S.C They were visiting in Whitesburg after attending the University of Kentucky-Eastern Kentucky University game in Lexington. They also stopped by the Sandlick-Caudill Cemetery where many family members rest.

Many of our people who live away enjoy coming back with their many memories of the past.

We miss seeing many of our people who live away. They don’t come in very often since many of their parents have passed away. It was always good to see them.

Carl Bennett checks on me often. I am sure he misses their visits also.

I’m sorry I mixed up the death of Hiram Johnson Jr. with his brother, Clifford, in last week’s news. Clifford is fine and attended Hiram’s funeral in Maryland. I am so sorry for my error and hope you all who know my cousins will forgive me.

I would like to thank the members of the Letcher County Historical Society who are responsible for publishing The Letcher Heritage News and the many other publications that I have enjoyed again during the last few weeks.

I also have enjoyed re-reading my late cousin Alfred Adams’s Twixt Me and Mose. Many wonderful stories of our family from Cowan Creek to the coal camps and back are twixt that book’s covers.

Carl E. Adams of Big Cowan, recently celebrated a big birthday with many friends and family in attendance. The celebration, held at the Adams home, included Paul and Judy Puckett of Winchester; Darrell and Joyce Fields and Vertresse “Dell” Sumpter from North Carolina; Carla Jo Yale, husband Fred, daughter and Traci from Ohio; son Danny and family, Linda, Joseph, Jessica and husband Dale Brown; Emily, Ethan and Shooter from Jeremiah; Ruth Newsome, her granddaughter Betty and greatgranddaughter Chloe. Many more birthdays, Carl, and keep ’em flying.

According to Ed Baker of Whitesburg, he has been enjoying a large beaver dam and its critters in the North Fork just behind his house. Beavers, bears, deer, turkeys – 40 years ago who would have imagined that we are now concerned with their numbers?

I don’t have a big lot of news. Maybe no news is good news. Hope everyone is enjoying our pretty summer weather, which is going by fast. Take time out to smell the roses. Hope every day is a good day.

Love and best wishes to all.

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