Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Union meeting planned at Little Cowan church


We are having some real nice summer weather. Many people who have gardens have been busy canning and putting things in the freezer.

We miss many of our people who used to come and visit during the summer. Many of them have passed away and they are truly missed. We are thankful for the memories.

Several have been attending the union meetings going on at the Primitive Baptist churches. Visiting ministers attend each night, and the meetings begin on Thursday or Friday nights. They are some of their special meetings of the year. We have met a lot of nice people during these meetings over the years. We are proud of our churches in this area. When we were traveling we didn’t notice many churches like we have here in the various locations. It’s something we ought to be proud of.

A large group from the Whitesburg High School Class of 1962 gathered at Whitesburg during the past weekend for a reunion. Carl and Marsha crashed the Saturday night function at the Shriners’ building and enjoyed seeing many good friends there.

We had a good service at Little Cowan Church on Sunday. The union meeting will be coming up soon. We have visiting ministers each night. Sorry I missed the good meetings at the Little Dove Church at Eolia this past week.

Carl Bennett and Marsha have been pretty busy since they moved back to Solomon. I enjoyed a visit with them last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Stallard enjoyed a nice visit with them while they were here for their class reunion.

People are busy in various ways, sometimes so busy I can’t keep up with them for my news. Many of our people look forward to getting the Eagle to see what is going on back home.

Many of our young people have started back to college. Hope they have a good year.

We miss a lot of the good times we used to have during the summer. Many aren’t with us anymore.

I don’t have a big lot of news. Enjoy this pretty summer weather. We have many things to be thankful for.

I enjoyed a nice call from our nephew, Charles Pitts Jr., who lives in Tennessee. We miss his visits as he hasn’t been up for awhile. He is one of the first grandchildren in my father’s family so he has always been a very special person in our lives. He would say, “Sam Blair cut my hair. I’m two years old July 26.” He was drafted in World War II. He and Bert left the same day. He was in the Air Force and made many missions over Japan safely. Bert was in the Army and was wounded in Germany. They both got home safe. Bert’s mother had four sons serving in World War II. They were scary times, but they all got back safe. Lots of prayers were going up during World War II. There has never been a war like it.

The Cowan Community Homemakers met at the beautiful Oscaloosa home of Geneva Ison. There were nine members present. They had a delicious lunch and made plans for some upcoming events.

Carol Caudill and granddaughter Becca spent the night with Linda Lucas on Cowan. Linda and Becca enjoyed painting together.

Randy and Eula Brown spent the weekend with Kevin and Kim Garrett in Nicholasville. They were celebrating their grandson, Cory’s, birthday. They also got to attend one of the grandson’s ball game. The three of them are each playing on different teams this year so they will have a busy season.

We appreciate our little visit with you each week. Hopefully you find something of interest about your friends and mine.

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