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UNITE elects new officers

I hope all had a wonderful week. It was a busy week, which is good.

On Tuesday, April 2, I attended the UNITE meeting. It was a great meeting and there were more people in attendance.

New officers were elected: Co-chairs are Legina Adams and Kayla Sexton; Secretary is Sapricia Hall, and Treasurer is Tracy Tackett. The next meeting will be May 7 and will be held at the Letcher County Health Department. If you attend the meeting, please use the back entrance.

I appreciate the work the Letcher County Jail residents are doing around the county. They are collecting lots of garbage that others have thrown out. Hopefully we can keep the county cleaner after all of the work the Letcher County Jail is doing.

Mike and I went to Ohio last Wednesday. We were short four boards to finish the upstairs bedroom and we wanted to go to Menards. There’s a Menards close to where our son, Mark, lives. It was good seeing Mark and doing some shopping.

On Thursday, Mike and I stopped in Lexington to visit my sister and brotherin law, Susan and Tony Ware. Susan fixed dinner and we had a birthday party for our cousin, Barbara Campbell of Lexington. Also attending were Roberta Campbell of Covington and Connie Sams of Winchester. It was good being together to celebrate Barbara.

Our son and daughterin law, Brad and Becky, came in for the weekend. It was good spending time with them. We took the side-by-side up on the Gas Hill and Town Hill.

We ate at the new Mexican restaurant on Saturday evening. Sazon has excellent food and great service.

We ate there with our son and daughter-in-law and my brother and sister in-law, John and Faye Campbell.

Rachel and Chris Fields celebrated their 18th anniversary on April 7. They have three children: Malachi, Isaiah, and Allissa. Congratulations.

A birthday wish goes out to Roger Yonts of Dawsonville, Ga. His birthday was on April 8. Roger is the son of Anna and Duane Yonts of Little Cowan.

My great-niece, Addison Marr of Berea, was baptized on April 7 at Red House Baptist Church in Richmond. Addison is the daughter of Janis and Michael Marr of Berea and the granddaughter of John and Faye Campbell of Little Cowan and Ron and Debbie Marr of Elizabethtown.

Family members who attended the baptism were John and Faye Campbell, Ron and Debbie Marr, and Susan Ware of Lexington. I’m very proud of Addison.

We bought some hanging baskets to put around the house. They look great. I love having flowers everywhere. I’m glad it’s time to start the planting season.

The social media post for the week is: Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way.

If you have any Cowan News, please email me at Cowannews@aol.com. Have a wonderful week and enjoy spring.

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