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Unusual vegetables at Farmers Market



It surely was good to see Rose Collier and her family made it back safe and sound from their Myrtle Beach trip. She said they had a really good time but they got caught in the rain more than once as they were trying to find some seashells. The Letcher County Senior Citizens sure missed her while she was gone.

I sat and listened to a group of seniors talking this morning as I was waiting on Charlene to bring Mom to the rec center. This is one of my favorite things to do. Some women were discussing how they used to carry water from the creek to pour in their washtubs to wash all their clothes. Others were discussing the old Maytag “wranger” washers, as everybody around here called them. One talked of their mom getting her hair hung in the “wrangers” and Estel Taylor mentioned once he had his arm hung in it and his mom had to hit it to get it to release. Marvalene Quillen said they had a double tub on rollers.

Well, that along with the other memories they were sharing about the “wranger” washers, brought back so many memories of helping Mom wash clothes. We had both of these, the washer and the double tubs. We were blessed enough to have running water in our house in Cane Hollow. We did all our clothes washing in the basement. We would take them from the washer, through the ringers, into the tub to rinse, back through the ringers, and then shake them out and take them to the clothesline. About a year before my mother-in-law passed away she gave us her Maytag washer. I’m so glad I don’t have to use it to do our laundry though, I just use it to decorate my porch.

Dinner on the ground at Marlowe Mountain Chapel

Dinner on the ground at Marlowe Mountain Chapel


I saw on Facebook some pictures of one of our seniors, Pam Miles. Her daughter, Angela Miles- Back, posted a few pictures of Pat to wish her a happy birthday. Some were way back when and others more recent. She and her husband, Roger Miles, also attend church with us at Letcher Independent Baptist.

I also saw some good news on Facebook about one of our prayer requests from some weeks back. Celesta Richardson Riffe, Bill and June Craft’s granddaughter, was thanking everyone for their thought and continued prayers for her surgeries she has had done so far and ones that are still pending.



This is what Celesta posted: “Friends, thank you for loving me so much and thinking of me today. I cherish your texts, messages, and prayers. My first surgery was a success. Though I’m very (VERY) uncomfortable. My urologists warned me of this and of course I’m still in pain from the cysts. But I’m so excited to finally have a diagnosis, especially one that is ‘fixable.’ I ask for your continued prayers as my next surgery is scheduled for Thursday and the stent will have to stay in place for two-four weeks.

“Ladies, don’t ignore your body when it sends you signs of distress. For the last year, I’ve dismissed my pain, discomfort and fatigue as symptoms of ‘getting old.’ Get answers, forget about the costs associated with co-pays and additional tests and take care of yourself. Hold me accountable to do the same.

“Again, my sincerest thanks to Crystal Gibson for putting me on the path of recovery. My trust and faith in her comes not only from her caring heart but also because she is one of the best healthcare providers you’ll ever find.”

We are so happy Celesta found out what was wrong and is getting it taken care of.

Saturday, I was so glad to get to go again to the Farmers Market in Whitesburg. We have a lot of vegetables in our garden, but there were lots of vegetables at the market that we didn’t grow. I found some curly kale, Swiss chard, a different type of spinach, and a different type of green pepper called a Marconi. I was able to get all this free from Senior Citizen vouchers.

I also saw one of my Whitesburg High School teachers, C.B. Banks. He mentioned enjoying this column and how he took credit for me being able to write it. I think he said that for a joke but he did play a big part in me being able to put together a paragraph and an essay.

I remember one of the activities we did in his class. He divided us into teams, he might have let us divide ourselves I can’t remember that part. Then we had to develop a 3.8 essay and then sell it to another team.

It was so much fun coming up with a 3.8 essay as a team. But, the fun part was trying to get another team to think ours was better than theirs and convince them to buy it.

I really don’t remember what we did with them after they were sold, I guess because that wasn’t the fun part. I had a lot of really good teachers and I appreciate them all.

Lots of our friends and family members are needing prayers. As I mentioned before Celesta still needs prayers because she still has some surgeries to go through. Our good friend Rick Collins is improving a little but he also still needs our sincere prayers. Also, I just saw on Facebook where Kevin Day had posted a picture of his mom and dad, Doyle and Merlene Davis Day. She and all her family desire your prayers. Her daughter Amelia Day Fields said she has cancer in her lung and a kidney. She said she has asked several churches to start a prayer chain for her to be healed from this awful disease.

Amelia and I worked together at the Whitaker Bank, when it was The Bank of Whitesburg. That was over 40 years ago before everything was on computer. We actually checked all checks for signatures and then filed them in a filing cabinet. At the end of the month we took out those actual checks and had a printed statement that we had to compare the checks with. Every single account was handled that way.

My oh my, how times have changed. Sometimes I wonder if it is for the better.

As always I will close here with Oma’s weekly plea, try to attend church this Sunday and if your church has services Sunday night or throughout the week, God wants you there then too.

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