Whitesburg KY

Unusual weather causing storms


As I sit here and write this Monday morning, the snow is falling and the temperatures are in the 30s, but on Tuesday it’s going to be back in the 50s.

The unusual weather shifts caused such terrible storms last Friday and so many areas were demolished by the tornadoes. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones, or those whose property was destroyed in the West Liberty and Johnson and Magoffin areas.

At Blackey Church, Chuck Halcomb asked for prayers for his aunt and kinfolk who live in West Liberty. We later learned that they were all right.

Also, we’re glad to hear that Rodney Ison’s family in Brownstown, Ind., that is near Henryville, had come through the storms okay. I think his sister Polly had children who lived in Henryville, Ind.

Some of the late Kermit and Ruby Asher family also lived in that area and made it through safely.

It was also sad to learn of the house fire at Hale’s Branch in Knott County that took the life of two people. The Thomases had kinfolk here in the Jeremiah and Blackey area.

Don, Coreen Pridemore and I, went to Somerset last week to visit Mom’s sister, Juanita and Vince McCarey. Juanita was doing pretty well, but Vince is having problems with his heart. Their son, Freddy, was with them.

We also went to the ‘junk store’ to look for bargains to fix up and resale. We didn’t ask Keatzie ‘K.P.’ to go with us since he and Lana have the new grandbabies. We figured he was busy babysitting.

Geraldine Ison’s heart test she recently had in Lexington came back okay. She is still having chest pains, but hopefully the nitroglycerin will help her to manage the pain.

Mary Carolyn Blair took Geraldine to Hazard shopping with her on Saturday. They spent the day out and about.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Roe Adkins, who died last week. His sister, Daralene Caudill, died just about two weeks ago. They were raised at Isom on Rockhouse. Most would see Roe at the Hazard Walmart where he worked as a greeter.

Bonita Adams is recuperating from hand surgery to remove a tumor from the end of her finger. She’s been off work a couple of weeks and was going for a checkup in Lexington this week.

She and Jerry went to Lexington last Sunday to stay with Lyndci and her husband, William. This week is Lyndci’s due date for the baby. She quit work last week, and we hope all goes well with the birth.

Evangene Adams is still not feeling well and was to go to Lexington for more tests. We hope they can find the problem. He and Arizona are some of the best friends and neighbors you’ll ever meet.

Also, get well wishes to Danny ‘Hoot’ Campbell, Mattie Lou Back, Betty Sue Back, Travis Morton and Sylvania Whitaker, who had to go to the hospital Saturday night.

She and Allen were at Blackey’s Mt. Olivet Church on Saturday evening and you could tell Sylvania was a little weak and not too well, but she doesn’t give up, and goes whenever she can. We hope she is improving after her hospital stay.

The Dixon Memorial Church is selling Rada knives as a fundraiser, if anyone would like to help them out.

Glenna Stewart Smith has been visiting often with her sister, Reathie Leblanc, who had to go to the hospital with pneumonia. Reathie is back at the nursing home now, and seemed pretty well when we spoke with her on Sunday.

Wilma and Lee Pridemore were there visiting Wilma’s mother, Irene Dixon, who still seems weak after her recent sick spell. But she still greets you with a smile and a handshake.

Elwood and Kathy Cornett recently spent some time in Florida, and reported a nice trip. Lilly Blaine and Helen Cornett were staying with them over the weekend, and all attended Mt. Olivet Church on Saturday night and Sunday.

Bob, Coreen and I went to Poor Fork Church at Cumberland last Sunday. We hadn’t been in awhile, and you still miss ‘Big’ Harve Creech, who was loved by so many and always loved for folks to come to ‘his’ church.

I hope everyone has a good week and that I haven’t forgotten too much that I should have written about.

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