Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Unusual weather is not over yet

It seems like just a few days ago I was writing about the hot weather we were having.

We still have our hot weather during the day, but it has cooled off just a tad at night, which makes for some good sleeping temps. All too soon we will be greeted by old Jack Frost some morning.

Last year we had snow showers Oct. 17 and our first frost Oct. 18. We actually saw snow before we saw frost, but then again, we had some unusual weather last winter and unusual weather this summer. And it is not over yet.

I hope the fire bugs don’t set a bunch of forest fires like they usually do, but it seems like some people get a kick out of the destruction a wildfire causes. I guess they just have to show their ignorance.

All the critters in the woods have a hard enough time collecting enough food to store up to last through the winter as it is, and a forest fire makes it even harder.

They store some of their winter rations in the ground and if fire burns over it, I would say it makes their rations very hard to find seeing as how it makes the area look a lot diff erent.

A controlled burn and a wildfire are two diff erent things entirely. Once is a useful tool in land management, and the other is simply destructive.

On a diff erent note, after planting my pole beans three times, I finally got them to come up and they are blooming now, so I didn’t have to resort to turning my box garden into a mustard garden after all. And I might have some beans to eat in time to beat Jack Frost.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh mustard too, but I like fresh beans better.

I really miss not being able to raise a garden, but I just can’t do it anymore. About all I am good for now is pressing my britches in a chair and thinking of a time not too long ago when I could do what I needed to do.

But as I have said before, time and events have taken a toll on this old man. I always say that age hasn’t anything to do with the breaking down of the human body, but the mileage does.

An auto will last longer if one doesn’t put too many miles on it, but what good is an auto if you don’t use it? I don’t keep an auto to look at. If I can’t use it, I don’t want it because I am not trying to keep up with the Joneses.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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