Whitesburg KY

USAF — A great way of life

We had been marching and attending classes all day, and when we got back to the barracks the chow hall was already closed. We had missed our supper, and we were all hungry.

We discussed how we could slip into the chow hall and get something for all of us. We found a large piece of chalk. On one man’s back we wrote DRO. On another, BR. They sneaked over to the chow hall. The BR man stole two large pans of apple pie. The DRO man stole two cases of ice cream.

We were sitting in the back of the barracks eating our stolen supper when our training instructor came out of his room. He walked to where we were, and we all got silent. He laughed and picked up a piece of pie, and went back to his room.

One day on KP, we were told to get out some frozen turkeys to thaw. It was on Monday. The turkeys were baked on the next Sunday. You ate whatever they threw on your metal tray, and didn’t ask questions. They threw a hard piece of turkey wing on mine, and I didn’t eat it.

Starting about 2 p.m., airmen started getting sick with ptomaine poisoning. Two of them died. Out of the window we could see the base commander’s car and several Air Police cars at the chow hall. All the cooks were arrested and courtmartialed. We didn’t get supper that day.

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