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USDA sets cut-off date

The first of three cut-off dates for three programs of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) has been set for Feb. 3.

The Organic Initiative focuses on those who are or will become certified organic. NRCS provides assistance to producers for the installation of conservation practices.

The Season High Tunnel (Hoop House) Initiative assists producers in extending the growing season for crops in an environmentally safe manner. The initiative will also help in improving plant quality, soil quality, air quality, reducing nutrient and pesticide transport, along with reducing energy use.

The On- Farm Energy Initiative addresses energy conservation through practice implementation and for development of energy conservation plans.

Local NRCS offices will accept applications for the three cut-off dates, Feb. 3, March 30 and June 1.

For more information, call Dave Edwards at (606) 666-5138 ext. 105.

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