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UVa-Wise students get degrees with low debt

For the fourth consecutive year, The University of Virginia’s College at Wise tops the list of national public liberal arts colleges whose students graduate with a low debt load.

The UVa-Wise Class of 2006 completed their degrees with less debt than students at any of the nation’s other public liberal arts colleges, according to the latest issue of U.S. News and World Report’s annual college guide.

UVa-Wise ranked first among the nation’s 27 public liberal arts colleges and second among the nation’s 266 liberal arts colleges (public or private) for graduating students with the least amount of debt. In the previous three years, UVa-Wise has graduated students with less debt than students at any other liberal arts college, public or private.

Among the UVa-Wise Class of 2006, 63 percent accrued some student debt. Of those UVa-Wise graduates who do have student loans to repay, the average amount of debt is $8,578. That compares to an average debt load of $35,790 for students at Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts, the liberal arts college with the largest average student debt.

The U.S. News data includes loans taken out by students from financial institutions, federal, state and local governments, and from the colleges themselves. Parents’ loans are not included. The average amount of debt is the average cumulative amount borrowed by those students who incurred debt, not the average for all students.

UVa-Wise is the only branch of the University of Virginia, and has an enrollment of 1,900 students.

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