Whitesburg KY

Vacations aren’t always fun

Big Cowan

Well, here we are again. Not a whole lot of stuff happening here except my husband is not having much fun on his vacation.

He fell down the front porch steps (the new ones he built back in the summer). It was real wet and slick and his feet flew out from under him and his back hit the back of the steps. I took him to the emergency room on Thursday because of his lower back hurting. He can’t sleep unless he sits up, propped with pillows.

guess it’s a good thing he went. He has pneumonia in his left lung. He has two broken pelvic bones, his kidneys are a mess, and his blood sugar is high and his red blood cells are low.

So he’s at the ARH, and hopefully he will be out by the time you read this. Keep him in your prayers.

Johnny Collier is not feeling too well; pray for him.

Now I know where Turkey Creek is. I went over there to get a little dog. Her name is Shah-Bug (already named). I thought I would never find the place, but it was worth the trip. She is a good companion and play pal for my little dog, Deago.

I liked the article Jim Cornett had in the paper last week about Graveyard Hollow. I also used to go up there when I was a little girl with my dad, Jasper Fields, to see a lady we always called ‘Aunt Betty.’

She was married to Henry Fields, and he would tell us stories about up there in the haunted house and different things. We liked to go visit and walk through the graveyard.

Things have changed so much over there, but that little road they lived on runs down behind those apartments, and I drive through there every once in awhile.

I am fascinated with hollows anyway, and I like to drive up them, but sometimes I find it hard to turn around.

Our neighbor, Jim Snell, has been in the hospital in Hazard. I hope he is doing better.

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