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Valentine’s dance planned for Feb. 8



Well, the snow has finally melted off of our part of Kentucky. I hope for some nice days ahead.

It had been really bad times lately, and so many have been in trouble because their heat pump has been going out, water pipes frozen and no school for all surrounding areas.

I want to tell everyone that our Valentine’s dance has been changed since I wrote last. It had been set for Feb. 16, but they changed it for Feb. 8. There were so many things going on during the week of Valentine’s Day.

We want everyone to come out and enjoy the evening with us. It will be a special night for everyone who will come. Music, dancing and cakewalks and pretty girl cake. The one who wins will get a surprise. So all you pretty girls come out all dressed up and let’s see who wins. It will be a fun thing.

We may have an ugly man’s/boy’s cake also. That is always a lot of fun.

We have been busy this week decorating the center for everyone to enjoy. It looks every pretty.

One of our neighbors lost his mom during the bad weather. I was so sorry I couldn’t come because the roads were so bad. The mountains were very slick and icy.

Family and friends gave Natasha (Day) Osborne a baby shower on Saturday, Jan. 1. I was feeling bad all day and didn’t get to go, but I sent her a gift by my son, Randy. He said they had a big crowd there.

She is a nurse at the nursing home at Whitesburg, and she got married last year. She and her husband bought a new home close by where I live. It was the home of the late Vadus Cornett. I am so happy for them. They are a very special couple.

Marlene Cornett, Wanda Hall and I have been working at the community center to get it ready for the party on Feb. 8. There will be lots of music and food and being with our friends.

It has been bad for us at the center because of heat and water problems. The water lines froze and busted. We hope there will be some help somehow to get it all fixed back.

Some wonderful people near Bowling Green brought a truckload of stuff to us, clothing, shoes and boxes of foodstuff. They are wonderful to do that for us.

We hope to get all the repairs fixed this spring so we can have heat and water and air in the coming of summer and fall, and winter again in 2014.

Now is the time for all those who are seeking to run for county office work to come out and help us get all these things done. You are needed by our center and you are needing us, so let’s pull together and make our county a better place to live and work and play.

I’m running out of time so I’ll close for now and I’ll write some more soon.

I just needed to let everyone know about the change in the day for the Valentine’s party and dance. So get your dancing shoes on and your partner to dance with. I just hope it won’t snow again. I love the pretty snow, but it’s hard on the ones who have to go work outside in the cold.

God bless, and remember to pray for all the cold homes and hungry and sick ones when you pray. We all need each other.

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