Whitesburg KY

Valentine’s Day celebration planned

Good day to all out there on this beautiful sunshiny day. What a happy day this is. Spring is close as the groundhog didn’t see his shadow. I believe in him, don’t you?

OK, you Ermine senior citizens, Friday is our Valentine party and potluck dinner, so be sure and wear your red or pink. Bring your Valentines for the ones you want to give them to, and we’re going to exchange gifts so, ladies, you bring a lady’s gift and the men bring a man’s gift. Don’t forget to bring a dish for potluck (oh! yeah, put something in the dish).

All senior citizens are welcome also, no matter where you’re from. You have our special invitation to come and be with us.

Ralph Hall is back. He said he comes to the center to be with his special friend L.H. Don’t forget Friday, Ralph.

We miss our little lady Ruby Caudill, who is still at Letcher Manor but doing lots better. Hope she gets to go home soon and be back with us.

We have a new member that joined us. Her name is Nellie Vance. She has been coming for a little while, but I had forgotten to mention her name. So welcome, Nellie, to our center.

We’re glad to see new ones come in, also to see the regular ones too. We’re just glad for you all.

Soon we’ll be going to Kingscreek. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up. Senior games are just around the corner. So you see, we have lots of things to look forward to.

Oh! by the way, we’re having a King and Queen at our Valentine party, so be there. Anyone can win. I hope I do, but I’m not that lucky. That’s OK, but someone will be and take home the gift.

I saw Oma Hatton and I told her, her name is already off her seat. But she said she’d put it back, so hurry back, Oma, and quit petting that foot and get your chair back.

Our center had been rented out last weekend (as every weekend) and the seniors went in Monday morning very disappointed as the renters had torn our puzzle apart that was almost worked. They do lots of things to our center. That was awful for them to do that. I don’t think it was children either.

Lydia Hall, one of our seniors, had a car wreck and got hurt pretty bad. She stayed in the hospital a few days but is at home now. Get well, Lydia, and get back with us. We miss you.

So long for now and God bless until next time.

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