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Valentine’s Day is good for heart-shaped candy boxes

Hello everyone! How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you get chocolates, a card or flowers?

Each Valentine’s Day brings back memories of years gone, as my kids’ dad would always manage somehow to sneak me a box of heart-shaped candy. The box was so pretty. Sometimes it would be a pink one, sometimes a yellow or a red one. They would have ribbon ruffles.

I would keep the boxes until they would deteriorate, then keep the box top. It has been years since I’ve received a heart-shaped box of candy, but the memories still linger.

Actually, it has been years since I’ve given a box of candy to anyone as a matter of fact. I am so bad to purchase beautiful cards, but they never get sent. Valentine’s Day didn’t turn out as I planned.

A couple of years ago I spent Valentine’s Day in the hospital. Of course there was not a card, etc., and this year was so upsetting that I forgot about Valentine’s Day.

Thursday morning, I had an appointment with my cardiologist, and as I was getting ready I didn’t take my cell phone into the bathroom with me.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold had called at 3 a.m.; my sidekick Bennie Wiederhold became ill. Angie waited until almost six before she called on call doctor, and she was instructed to call 911 to take him to Children’s Hospital. When the squad arrived they took Bennie to the closest hospital, as they thought he just needed an ex-ray. Angie was following the Life Squad, and Bennie told her he would be fine.

I called my doctor’s office to leave a message that an emergency came up, and if I wasn’t there by appointment time I would call to reschedule. Vicki Power and I were at the hospital in 20 minutes.

Bennie had something wrong with his neck and he was in great pain. After the doctor came in he ordered an x-ray. I decided to keep my appointment with the cardiologist, which I knew I needed. An EKG showed everything was good but I have to go for a stress test and echocardiogram as soon as it is scheduled.

All I need to make me feel better is a trip to the mountains to Campbell’s Branch, a dose of good music, or a trip to Carcassonne Community Center to a square dance.

I finally got a card out to Bertha Turner. In fact I sent a get-well card to Bertha when she was in a Lexington hospital. Bertha didn’t get it and it was never returned to me I am glad that Bertha seems to be receiving good treatment at Tri-cities Nursing & Rehab in Cumberland.

Sunrise Ridge Band surprised Bertha with a visit and played music for her. I know this had to perk Bertha up, along with a visit from her daughter Glenda

Memories flow backwards the hard times and I think once again of the ones Mom had raising us children.

Someone asked me for instructions, how to cook pinto beans. I looked on the computer and not one thing did I find that gave the complete instructions, as you have to first rinse the beans as you sift through looking to for a small pebble or a bad bean.

Then place the beans in a large pot with a piece of smoked jowl bacon cubed partway through, or a couple of ham hocks. Don’t salt the beans until partway through cooking.

If cooking in the crock pot, I either put the beans in early of the morning, or sometimes I turn them on low and cook the beans overnight.

My son Keith Ballard likes an onion diced cooked in the beans.

Growing up you ate what was put on the table, and no complaining as you were hungry and had no choice.

I had my first complaint from Keith as I bought a cheaper brand of barbeque sauce, and when I tasted it wasn’t worth the money I paid.

The Mountain Eagle is going to have a new column. Welcome Lester Halcomb from Indiana. Lester Halcomb’s daughter, Thursa Halcomb-Nunley Short, and I have been Facebook friends for some time.

Those of you who have a computer and would like to take a few minutes and relax, go to YouTube and type in Lester Halcomb. His short videos are great, especially if you are from the eastern Kentucky area.

I am really looking forward to reading everything that Lester writes, as it will be very entertaining.

I still miss Oma Hatton’s column and miss Oma very much.

Thursa’s mother Molene Bates was from Mill Branch. I went to school with Molene and Margie Bates. My sympathy goes to the family of Greeley Bates, Thursa’s uncle.

While in the mountains for Greeley’s funeral, Thursa, along with her dad, Lester, and others retraced their roots. That is enough from me, as I hope Lester will tell of all his adventures to the mountains in his column.

Pam Dauphinee had just returned to her home in Indiana after being at her uncle Greeley Bates’s funeral in Kentucky. Pam received the news that another uncle, Robert Taylor from Millstone, had passed away.

Pam is repacking her suitcase and headed back to the mountains once again.

This has been such a sad week as Steve Stamper and family lost his wonderful wife Pat, and the girls lost a wonderful mother.

My sympathy goes to the family of Margie Caudill. I met Jon Caudill several years ago when he played guitar for 7 South Band, and I met Margie also at Blackey Days. I met Libby Day Smith the same time. Libby and Jon are cousins. There have been a couple of more deaths in the Jeremiah area that are related to Jon and Libby Caudill.

Then I hear the sad news that a musician I met about 20 years ago passed away a couple of days ago, Tom Murphy, from northern Kentucky.

When I first met Tom, a friend, Mary Key, and I danced every dance. One time Tom asked me, “Don’t you ever get tired?”

I replied as I laughed and said, “No,” Tom replied that he got tired just watching me dance. I dearly came to love Tom.

Les and Pat are really looking forward when it is warm and safe to head to the getaway home in the mountains.

Congratulations to Becky Hasty for being such a devoted employee. Becky has been at the Akers Packaging Service in Middletown for 55 years. Becky has no plans to quit as she is going to try to work for five more years. Becky is a sister to Les and Pat Wagner.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are doing all right, but Ann is still having trouble with her finger. Ann went to a hand specialist who diagnosed gout in her finger. Ann has to change her diet and join her daughter Sue Wagner and me in a very long detailed list of what not to eat.

I am thankful the test results for my daughter Kay Gray are all right. Kay spent the night in the hospital on a heart monitor and that was good. The EKG was good, and so was the stress test. She went back to her primary care doctor; he doesn’t want her on blood pressure medicine except a short time Thank God.

The first Carcassonne Square Dance of the year is coming up! Make sure you attend this unique event Saturday, March 9! Carcassonne’s Square Dance is known as the Commonwealth’s oldest and longestrunning community-sponsored square dance.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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