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Van problems keeping seniors at home


Congratulations to Randy Brown for being the top salesman for the Kentucky Lottery.

Friday night, several from Cowan attended the union meeting at Coyle’s Branch where Glen Cornett is pastor. They enjoyed meeting with friend from different churches and the good old-time singing. Oscar Irvine preached first, taking his text from Luke 5:5, “nevertheless at thy word.” Others preaching were Greg Hill, Lewis Baker, Woodrow Fields, Harold Head, and Basil Morris. In that amazing way they have, they each used the same text, but with different approaches and no repetition.

This week, starting at 7 p.m. Thursday, the Little Dove Church at Eolia will be having its union meeting.

Saturday night, the Little Cowan Church had a nice surprise when Brother Roger Trent from Mooresburg, Tenn., showed up. He brought with him a young preacher, Travis Lipe. They commented on the love evident in the church and preached on Hebrews 13:1, “Let brotherly love continue.”

At the business meeting, the church voted to ask for the Eastern District Association next year. After the meeting, they celebrated Johnny Banks’s birthday with cake and ice cream. Next Sunday, immediately after church, there will be a meeting to begin planning for the association.

Gwen and Chris Handlon of Milton, have a new baby. She is Matelyn Jane Handlon, a beautiful little girl with curly red hair. Her grandparents are Pat and Marilyn Banks.

Earl and Juanita Profitt would like to say hello to their grandchildren, Deanna and Sean, in Portland, Ore. They receive The Mountain Eagle. They also would like to say they love them very much and hope their garden is doing well. Aunt Virginia says hello also.

The following is from Mae Boggs: Mae’s granddaughter returned home from her cruise and reported an exciting trip.

The Kingscreek and Cowan senior citizens have not been to the center in two weeks because of the lack of transportation. The van is in the garage. Surely there is an extra van for problems like these, or there should be.

We missed our neighbor, Alma Whitaker, while she visited her children.

We are glad to know one of our senior citizens, Phoebe Fields, is home from the hospital. She spent about five days in Whitesburg Hospital but is feeling better.

Everyone should visit the nursing homes. They are glad to see anyone.

The children are back in school. Everyone should slow down and watch for children getting on and off buses.

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