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Verlon Breeding has his Christmas lights up


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and was blessed to have plenty to eat and loved ones to share it with. It was nice to have a couple of warmer days during the holiday.

After our Thanksgiving dinner, Bob and I, Coreen Pridemore, Bonita and Lyndci Adams plus Liberty and Noah Campbell, all went for a long walk. We took our dogs and went to the top of Doty Creek for a couple miles walk. The weather was nice and it is very peaceful on the mountain and we enjoyed being together.

Verlon Breeding and his son, Tim, took advantage of the warm weather and put up Verlon’s Christmas lights and decorated his yard on Doty. We are glad that Verlon is feeling better and is able to get out and about again.

Hubert Eldridge had his son, David, of Michigan, visiting with him during Thanksgiving and they came to church together at the Association Building on Sunday.

Luther Adams of Morehead, formerly of Carbon Glow, developed heart problems last week and the doctors at Morehead sent him on to Central Baptist at Lexington. He ended up having heart bypass surgery to repair four blockages. He had a rough time for the first few days but is doing better now. He was able to be out of the Intensive Care Unit when we went down Saturday.

His wife, Betty Jo, and son, Mike, have been staying close by during his ordeal. Betty’s sister, Alice Dixon, lives in Lexington and Betty has been staying with her at night. Mike’s wife, Patsy, and children, Zack and Shelby, also are helping with their papaw.

Johnny Combs went to Lexington to visit his son, David, and while there, he went to Central Baptist and checked on his Uncle Luther and stayed with the family some. Luther is a brother to Bill, Junior, and Hazel Adams, Opal Banks, Susie Raglin and Danola Bell. In the last three months or so, his sisters, Opal and Susie, also underwent heart bypass surgery. We hope Luther makes a complete recovery without much pain.

Last week Donna Frazier and Francine Caudill came down to visit their aunt, Opal Banks, and to see how she is doing after her surgery. Francine went through heart surgery a while back and knows how it is trying to get your strength back. Mary Lou Combs stayed with her grandson, Anthony, while her daughters were visiting Opal.

Coreen Pridemore and I visited awhile with Ivan and Freda Adams last week. They had recently spent a week visiting with T.R. and Belle Breeding in Ohio. Ivan is taking physical therapy to help with his balance and that keeps them busy. Their son, Stevie Daniel, and family, Pat and Daniel, were coming in from Georgetown for Thanksgiving.

Roy Kenon Smith had to be taken back to a hospital in Ohio, where he lives. He had to have another stent and had some bleeding. Thankfully he is home now and is doing some better.

Tommy Harris Smith and Mary Jo Blair have returned home after spending a couple of weeks in Florida. They came home due to Tommy having a sinus infection but they enjoyed their time in Florida.

Imogene Griffie Caudill recently fell and was hurt pretty badly and stayed in the hospital for nine days. She is home now and is recuperating from a badly broken arm. We hope she is doing better.

Doty Creek lost another dearly loved neighbor on Saturday evening when Flarie Caudill died. She hadn’t been well for the last little bit and was in Hazard Hospital for the last few days. She and Coman were such good old timers, always kind and caring to everyone. We know Coman, Gary, Ernie and Reed and the rest of the family will be so lost without their beloved Flarie. We pray God will ease their sorrows in the days ahead. Her funeral was held on Tuesday and she was laid to rest at the Burton Hill Cemetery at Letcher.

Flarie is the fourth person to pass away on Doty Creek this year. Sue Caudill, Lowell Caudill and Nell Burke also have died.

K.P., Lana and Amber Pridemore, baby Luke and Shane spent Thanksgiving in Michigan visiting with “Dee-Dee” William Stamper and his son.

Terry Caudill, son of Billy Dean Caudill and Brenda Combs, has been back in the hospital due to his sugar levels. We were pleased to learn that he recently joined church and plans to be baptized at Blair Branch when he feels better. He is Dock Adams’s grandson.

There will be a Christmas bazaar at Mount Olivet Church at Blackey on Saturday, December 6. They always have lot of goodies.

There will be Christmas open house at the Pine Mountain Crafts Co-op. It is also on December 6. The Vicco Antique Mall will also have a Christmas open house on December 6, with some booths having discounts. Those are a few places to go and look for bargains if you want to get out of the house.

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