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Veterans Day should be celebrated every day

To the Editor:

I sometimes reminisce about the wars and conflicts that we have been involved in as a nation since World War II.

Our families have been involved in every war since that period of time, excluding Iraq and Afghanistan. Two members of our family paid the ultimate price, just like many other families.

During the draft period every male served in, they were physically/mentally stable. Some exclusions were made during the draft period that would deter your serving in the military. Probably older veterans will remember the exclusions.

There were three of us serving in the military during the ‘60s. My two brothers who served have since passed on. My wife’s brother was killed in the Vietnam period. Families are never the same after family members pay the ultimate price.

Veterans Day is a day of reflection for our military men and women who have served out nation. The United States has been the world’s keeper for so long that all of our good men and women do not make it back home.

Our liberties, freedoms and lifestyles today can be related to the veterans who were in battle on that ultimate day.

Patriotism is up and down. How many citizens display a flag in your town? The colors of our flag have meaning for you, and should be taught in our nation’s schools.

The flag should be flown in every public/business building and not be displayed in the ceiling.

Our liberties and freedoms were not free. We have fought for these ideas since Adam and Eve.

Veterans Day should be celebrated every day to let our patriotism be displayed.

Every activity that you participate in each day, you need to thank veterans from the past to the present.

Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan were the brightest and best that have served our county, and will need to be considered for their livelihood they sacrificed while serving in other parts of the world.

Your past family connections with the military usually will have an impact on your patriotism. Soldiers returning will need to be taken care of and be welcomed back into their communities, and given fi- nancial considerations, etc.

We need to keep in mind that we can never give back as much as they have given us.

Quote: “Many gave some, some gave all.” “God knows all.”

CHARLES BLAIR Veteran Morehead

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