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Veterans honored on Memorial Day


I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend and had family to help them celebrate and remember those who served their country in wartime and peacetime. Our veterans should always be remembered for their dedication and service for our freedom.

We attended the American Legion shooting at the graveyards to honor veterans. Don, Coreen and K.P. Pridemore, Bonita Adams, Bob and I and Keitzi’s grandson Luke and Luke’s dad Shane went to Horse Mill Point Cemetery for the shooting and while there the WYMT reporter came to film and caught Coreen and Keitzi on family and showed it on the news that night.

She also filmed at the Whitaker Cemetery and talked with Buck Adams after the American Legion service.

A pretty large group of family members attended their service at the Burton Hill Cemetery and all of us appreciate the men for spending their Sunday honoring veterans throughout the county cemeteries.

There was a memorial service at the Adams Cemetery on Blair Branch recently, with quite a few family and friends who have loved ones laid to rest there in attendance.

That weekend was also the Dee and Ethel Smith family reunion with their soup bean dinner on Friday evening and the main meeting and dinner on Saturday. All had a good time.

On the fourth Sunday in May, a memorial service was held at the two cemeteries above the Dixon Memorial Church with many coming out to remember their loved ones.

It was also church time at the Dixon Memorial Church and all donations that day were to go to the upkeep of the cemeteries, but Homer Smith will still need donations from those whose family are buried there since it’s still early in the mowing season and it will take quite a bit of money each time these cemeteries need mowed.

We are proud of the county workers for doing such of good job of fixing the roads to all the cemeteries before Memorial Day. All we visited had been scraped and graveled and were in good shape.

Ellis Adams recently spent a few days in Pikeville Hospital. He is home now, but continue to pray for him. He’s still not feeling too well.

Vince and Juanita Mc- Crarey were here for about a week. They stayed at Juanita’s old homeplace at Jeremiah and their granddaughter drove them up and helped them out. They both weren’t well and went home a little sooner than planned. They had quite a bit of company, mostly us and Juanita’s first cousins on the Smith side. She only got to visit her brother Ivan Adams once while she was here.

Bob, Hunter and I went to Lexington to see our daughter Jessie and her husband Andy on Memorial Day and later that evening when we got home a lot of us gathered in the bottom for a cookout.

Sorry to learn that ‘Lennie’ Back, son of Donnie Q. Back and the late Deanna Back, had died. Our sympathy to his family.

Dorse and Gwen Fields are doing well at this time. Dorse goes for blood work every three months now. We see him out mowing the yard from time to time.

This past weekend was the memorial meeting at the Blackey Mount Olivet Church. There was a large crowd and it was a good meeting with dinner afterward. Curtis Caudill does a good job reading the names of deceased members, but I still miss it when the late ‘Ag’ Back used to read the names and could recall something about every deceased member.

Lance and Edith Breeding attended their grandson Cameron Blair’s graduation from UK Law School recently. I know they are proud of him. They are also going to have a yard sale on June 8 and 9 at their home. It’s the first driveway on the left below the IGA at Isom. I think that’s Tipple Drive. They will have signs posted.

This Sunday will be the memorial at the Spring Branch Cemetery above Hisey’s Lake. It’s a nice outdoor place to meet and remember bygone days and the loved ones at rest there.

That’s it for now. Have a good week.

I almost forgot. Belated birthday wishes to our neighbor, Stella Elam. She is home from Letcher Manor and was able to attended the American Legion shooting over the graves at Burton Hill.

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