Whitesburg KY

Veterans of Letcher Co.

All military veterans are my type of people. You served your country in times of need. You need not to have been in a battle zone to get help with your health. The Veterans Department is a very large department, and sometimes it takes a lot of time to get you the help you may need. They are there to help you.

I have a niece in Michigan whose husband served a year in Vietnam whose health problems started popping up later in life. He thought he had exposure to Agent Orange. He never went to the Veterans Department for help. I made a couple of phone calls to my Disabled American Veterans Department and they gave me a number and address for him to get in touch with. He made the call and they set up an appointment for him to run some tests to find out what was wrong with him.

It took almost a year to get the paperwork and for all the tests they had to do on him. He now gets free medical help along with extra money for the rest of his life.

Whitesburg has a place that can talk to you and give you advice about how to get started on the process of getting help from the Veterans Department. I hope all you vets get what’s coming to you, and I wish you would make that call today.

If you do get the help you need, let The Mountain Eagle know that it was instrumental in getting you that help.

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