Whitesburg KY

Veterans will be at cemeteries

Just a brief column this week as I’m writing in a hurry.

I’d like to remind folks about the veterans’ shoot at the graveyards for Memorial Day. They will be at Horse Mill Point Cemetery at 11:30, at the Whitaker Cemetery at 12:30, and then on to Burton Hill Cemetery. All are encouraged to come out to support their efforts. Please check this week’s Eagle to be sure of these times. I may be mistaken about them.

This past weekend was the meeting time at Blair Branch Church. Our crowd as a little fewer than usual on Sunday, and we missed those not there. After Saturday evening’s service and business meeting, cake and ice cream were served in honor of Ellis Adams’s birthday on May 24.

A few of our neighbors and loved ones have been sick this past week including Pressie Adams, who spent a night or two in the hospital; Ivan Adams, who fell and had to have stitches and x-rays but is home now; and Arnetta Mae Slone, who had to have surgery; and not only these, but I hope all sick are feeling better.

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