Whitesburg KY

Vices mark 36th anniversary

Cowan Creek

Phyllis King of Jeremiah is home now from the hospital. When we had the bad storm two weeks ago it picked her up and she had to have hip surgery. Her daughter Ann King works with me at East KY Supports. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Lexi Santana Pease spent the week at Camp Nathanael. She had a good time. Our Lexi is a great singer, and very talented. She is the daughter of Jessica Pease, and Kae and David Fisher of Cowan Creek are her grandparents. So proud of my niece.

Judi Tyree Fisher from Detroit, formerly of Letcher County, has been in rehab for over two weeks. Her dog made her fall and she broke one leg very bad and sprained the other. She is a positive person and is doing great. Please continue prayers for our sweet Judi.

Debbie Ison Vice and her daughter Molly are spending some time with Jenny Lou and Lei Fu in South Carolina. They are my cousins.

Debbie and Jeff Vice celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary on the 1st of July .

Happy birthday Jamie Jo Day of Premium. They celebrated with a cookout at Donna and Mike Watts’s home on July 7.

Continue to pray for Dee Dee Williams, the niece of Betty Parsons of Sandlick. She has a long row to hoe. But she is a Christian and has faith and knows “God is good.”

Hello to all my family that purchases The Mountain Eagle. Hope all are doing well. Remember to tell your friends they can subscribe online. I have had friends to tell me they purchased it because of me. Sweet.

Prayers needed for Lois, Ed, and Tony Short of Tunnel Hill, of Whitesburg. Lois has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Ed had to have more surgery on his leg for scar tissue.

Tony needs prayers too. He is giving it all he has to be a great caretaker. Your parents take care of you, and then we try our best to take care of them.

I look for the way of life to go back to where you keep your loved ones at home. Most prefer that.

I know Mom was never happy again after she had to be put in a nursing home. I still have regrets. No place like home. Be good to your parents, they are only here for a short time.

Cowan Creek gardens are doing great. We were so blessed. Thanks to my brother Robbie for making it all possible. I did pull weeds. I did my best to hoe a row or two. Still learning. That’s a good thing.

“Happiness is the truth.”

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