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Victim’s sister gives thanks

Following is a portion of a message to the public from Ashley Hogg Cook, sister of murder victim Michael Hogg. It appears on the social media site Facebook:

There are no words to explain the nightmare my family and I have lived since the morning of January 1. The feelings of sadness, anger, joy, bitterness, weakness, satisfaction, uncertainty and vulnerability have all been unfathomable. The mental torture is unspeakable at times.

We have been overwhelmed with the love family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances, and sheer strangers have shown to my family and I during this tragedy. We could never thank each of you enough for your unselfish gratitude (shown through) the prayers, hugs, kisses, calls, texts, Facebook messages, teddy bears, food, flowers, cards, money, and quilts. It is because of you we can put one foot in front of the other and carry on the awesomeness of Michael Shane Hogg.

He was truly a sweet, kind, loving, caring, humorous soul — a one of a kind personality that will never be topped. We always knew what a wonderful person Mike was, but we never knew the magnitude his addictive personality had on so many. It was a sight to see the 1,500-plus people, many of whom waited in 18 degree weather, pay their respects to our precious Mike. It was a true celebration of life.

There is emptiness in our hearts that will never be filled. Coping mechanisms will patch the holes and time will reveal the scars. Every place we look, everywhere we turn, every object and memory is now defined as the before and after. Our lives are forever changed.

As a nurse, I’ve seen many people pass away after suffering physically, mentally, and emotionally for 30 to 40 years. I find comfort in knowing Mike will never have to feel that chronic agony and misery.

Although his time on Earth was far too short, he lived each day like it was his last. He loved life and people, and now his legacy has become an inspiration to all in the wake of such darkness.

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