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Virgil Combs dies after long illness


My sympathy to the family of Virgil Combs of Carcassonne. He died on Saturday, the 27th. He had been sick for a long time and spent most of his time in the hospital. He was a fighter, and hung on for such a long time. My heart goes out to Freda. She said Virgil would lie in his hospital bed and sing songs for her. I just thought that was so great she was able to be by his side the whole time. She has some health problems herself.

Happy birthday to Christie Smith of Elk Creek, whose big day was on the 22nd. Sam Adams of Isom also had a birthday on the 22nd. Also celebrating birthdays were Holly Hylton Hatton of Jeremiah on the 23rd, Cathy Back of Blackey on the 25th, Robbie Fugate on the 26th, Margaret Nichols of Isom on the 28th, and Mary Caudill of Blackey and Ellen Brown of Blackey, both on the 27th.

There was a mistake in my column last week about Crystal Frazier’s baby shower. It was for her and Ethan Brown, not Ethan Frazier. Sorry about the mix-up.

Baby Nevaeh Phillips of Carcassonne is home from the hospital. She was put in last week with a virus and very high temperature. She came home October 25. She is the daughter of Rachael Smith and Michael Phillips.

Rachael’s grandfather, Jake Halcomb, died last week.

I visited with Jo Halcomb at Ulvah. She said she had been in the hospital but is doing better now. She is such a sweet person. I’m so glad she is feeling better.

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