Whitesburg KY

Virginia Brown teaches crazy quilt embroidery


Visiting with Jeff and Amie Daniels and Zack in Athens, Ala., recently were Duane and Anna Yonts, Roger and Tracey Yonts, and Joey and Donna Yonts. They went to see grandson Zack play football. Zack, a junior at West Limestone High School, has had a real good season. They won their game and have since gone on to the play-off s. They all had a fun time being with the family.

Becky Mohn, Eula Brown, her daughter-inlaw, Kim Garrett and friend Teresa Watts all went to the Eagles concert in Louisville. The concert was part of the grand opening of the University of Louisville Basketball Arena, the Yum Center. The arena is beautiful, and all the seats are good. The concert was great and they all enjoyed it.

Eula took her mom, Mae Boggs, to Harlan and Pound, shopping for quilting supplies. They went through Flat Gap, and the trees were beautiful.

Eula and Randy Brown’s grandsons, Cody and Cory Garrett, are finishing up their football season. Cameron Garrett was chosen as president and mentor of his class. All the boys are great in school.

Joe and Linda Brown of Forest, Miss., their sons, Josh and Kim Brown, Michael Hames and friend Tony Welford all spent a week on Cowan. They hiked in the woods and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Linda, while picnicking on the rocks. They didn’t see any wild animals, but did see signs of them having been there.

In spite of a leg stabbed on a sharp stick by one, a hornet sting to another, and a spill from an old grapevine swing by another, they found the scenery beautiful, and all declared they enjoyed it thoroughly and would gladly do it again.

Another day they drove to the Little Shepherd Trail and returned through Linefork.

Linda and her family served a delicious grilled supper to Virginia Brown, Randy and Eula Brown, Jason and Amanda Brown and Doris Banks.

Sunday, Stephen Brown came over from Tennessee. Virginia was so happy to have all three of her sons and a daughter-in-law in church with her.

The Crafty Cut Ups Homemakers invited Virginia Brown to meet with them and teach them to do the crazy quilt embroidery. They were very interested and teachable. She is pleased to pass on her knowledge and skill. They served delicious refreshments.

J.T. and Carol Caudill went to their lake house at Cherokee Lake last week. The weather was beautiful and the fall colors were pretty. They picked persimmons and brought them back to Virginia Brown and John Banks. They both enjoy persimmons.

Ramona Finchum of Louisville and Regina Crawford of Mt. Vernon, attended their Whitesburg High School 1980 class reunion Oct. 23. They reported having a good turnout and a wonderful time seeing their classmates.

Bennett Combs’s brother, Watson, came in with Ramona to visit also.

Happy birthday wishes to Robert Bennett Crawford, Oct. 30, and Robby Brown, Nov. 2. Early birthday wishes to Ronnie Brown, Nov. 17, and Patsy Nantz, Nov. 15. They are cousins, and both live on Cowan.

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