Whitesburg KY

Virginia Caudill hospitalized


My sympathy to the family of Traci Pridemore Madden. She died on June 23 at her home. Traci had cancer and had been sick for awhile. She was 38. My heart goes out to all of her family.

Late happy birthday wishes to Mary Sue Pinyerd of Jeremiah. It was on June 19. Carrie Cornett of Blackey had one on June 20, Jamie Johnson of Whitesburg on June 20, and Mark Nichols of Doty Creek on June 26.

My sympathy to the family of Hobert Caudill of Letcher. He died on June 23. He had fallen and was in a Lexington hospital for awhile, and just never did recover.

Virginia Caudill of Carcassonne had to be taken to Lexington last week, they thought with heart problems. Se was first taken by ambulance to Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital then on to Lexington. She was still in as of Saturday but they are still running tests and are now not sure what it is. I wish her the best. She is the mother of Dr. George Caudill.

Mandy Burns Jenkins came in recently and visited with her mother, Martha Burns Dixon of Blackey. Mandy now lives in Skopje, Macedonia and has two children, Samuel, who is 4, and Elise, 2. Her husband. Johnathon, works for the State Department.

Lowell Caudill of Burton Hill is doing better. He was involved in a major wreck last week in Whitesburg. He was in his work truck when he was hit. He had to be taken to Lexington for surgery and came home, but is back in Lexington and for more surgery.

Craig and Ava Abbinanti and Craig’s mom, Janice Reed, and Brandie Stamper went to Tennessee. They took Ava to Dollywood.

My late Uncle Murphy Blair’s daughter, Christine lannin, and her daughter, Kelly, came in from Gary, Ind., to visit with all of our family on Friday. They are staying until July 2.

Happy birthday to Rebecca Kincaid Miller of Blackey. It is on June 29.

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