Whitesburg KY

Virginia relatives visit Engles in Ohio

Northeast Ohio

Good morning and I sure enough hope you are having a nicer day than we are having here in Lorain. Started out kind of nice with some wind and not too cool. Didn’t know a change was a coming, but soon wind got stronger, leaves coming down like rain, turned cooler and then the rains came, a really hard one and it’s still raining.

We had company from Saturday until this morning. I just hope they were down the line far enough to miss the rain. Red’s sister

Mae Sowards and niece Lena (Hampton) Stallard, both from Pound, Va., visited. I am missing them already. Lena took me to Little Pilgrim Home Church at Ruggles on Sunday. It was a most beautiful day and a really good service.

Mae and Lena have both called. They are home now after an uneventful trip with very little rain, but it was close to home.

Got some of the nicest phone calls today for which I am very grateful. Kept me from missing the girls too much. That will come later.

Hello, Rose Ballard. I really enjoyed talking with you and I do wish we could meet again sometime. Say how about we make a date to meet at Pine Mountain Grill and invite Oma Hatton to join us. OK with you, Oma? Wishful thinking!

Also Liz and a surprise call from Dallie ( Toler) Smith of Grafton. She is originally from Millstone, and I do believe we could talk all day and have to continue until the next day. We know or knew a lot of the same people. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Just talked to Jeanie, and she and her family are all doing well. Even Phil is behaving himself, says he’s afraid to not be good ‘cause I’ll tell on him. Love you, Phil, behaving or not.

Red called Charles and he said he was doing well but gets really tired sometimes. Probably hasn’t gotten all his strength back, but that was one serious surgery he went through.

He also talked to his niece Carlita. I think he said she had dropped a dish on her foot, breaking a toe. I do hope it’s much better, dear girl. Love you both.

I got a call from dear friend, Clara Pfister in Michigan. She is one busy lady and it’s all for someone else. She has to have a heart as big as one body can possibly hold. Love you, girl.

Want to say “howdy” to all my Sergent and Engle family, also to all my friends from churches and the ones I have made courtesy of The Mountain Eagle.

And now that the weather is cooling down and I won’t be outside as much, I hope to get more letters written and I am going to start quilting again. I hope my needle will obey and go where it’s supposed to.

Better finish this. Time doesn’t wait for anyone. Wishing all a happy and well week, and lest I forget, happy Halloween to all little ones. Hope you get lots of goodies and most of all be safe. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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