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Virginia woman is rescued from Black Mountain

A Virginia woman is home and safe after an all night rescue effort earlier this week.

Mardee Scott, 52, of Norton, told rescuers she had turned on a wrong road near the Kentucky- Virginia state line on Black Mountain. She said she followed the GPS in her car on “unverified roads” hoping to find her way back out. As the road became worse, she was unable to turn the car around or back up, and continued driving onto an old surface mine owned by Cumberland River Coal Co.

Ms. Scott called 9-1-1 late Sunday night, after she became lost and her all- wheel- drive crossover vehicle became stuck in the mud of a section of the mine undergoing reclamation.

Searchers from Pine Mountain Search and Rescue, using location services from the cell phone call to 9- 1- 1, located Ms. Scott about 3 a.m. Monday, nearly eight hours after she initially became stuck. Ms. Scott, cold and wet, but otherwise uninjured, said she had spent hours trying to get her vehicle unstuck from the mud and trying to guide friends to her to help before she finally gave up and called 9-1-1.

It took rescuers an additional two hours to get back out of the site on four-wheeler trails and mine roads.

While Ms. Scott arrived home early Monday morning, her vehicle remained on the mine until Monday afternoon, when Cumberland River Coal followed coordinates provided by PMSAR and retrieved the car using heavy equipment.

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