Whitesburg KY

Visit from sons makes good day

Sunday was a good day for me and my sons. My older son David and his wife Denise came over for the evening. We enjoyed visiting for a while.

Denise is a nurse and works in the Harlan hospital. She has been a nurse for many years in Harlan, Knoxville, Tenn., Nashville, Georgia, South Carolina and now back in Harlan.

Davis worked for Coca- Cola for many years in all these places. They have two beautiful daughters, who are my pride and joy.

Rachel Lea is married and lives in Georgia. She is a schoolteacher and is doing good. She is expecting her first child, which is a boy. It is due on October, maybe on my birthday, Oct. 23.

She has picked a name for him already. It will be Jack Dempsey — named for my eldest brother who was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1958. He was only 28 years old.

The accident happened in Portland, Ind., on July 4. He was married and had two little daughters at the time. That was the most stressful thing that we had ever encountered in our lives.

My dad and mother almost left us too. Mom got so sick and grieved for her loss. I think she still grieved until she got sick with heart problems. She was never the same for 16 years.

At that time all the girls in our family were expecting babies. One sister was in Benham Hospital expecting twins. My baby sister had her first and only child in September after that, and I had my third son, Daniel, in December.

After eight years the mother of the little girls passed away, and left them without parents. My next older brother, Emory, kept them until they got grown. Then they left and went on their own.

The youngest one, Peggy, got married and had one son (Earl) and gave him away. The oldest is Teresa, and the last I heard she was in Florida along after her last husband died. She had two girls by her first husband, Carry and Wendy.

Carry lives in Bardstown and is doing good, and Wendy lives in Colorado where her dad lives. We don’t know about how she is doing.

Lauren and Mark are expecting a girl in November. I can’t wait to get to see them. She helps the grade school teacher take care of some of the children who needs special care. She is good at that.


Randy and I got out last night and went for a ride. We wound up in Whitesburg at Walmart and then to Food City, then came back home about 11 o’clock. We watched TV for a little while and I had to go to bed. I was worn out.

We are saddened by the death of John McCain. It brought back memories of my husband Claude. He had some kind of cancer. He took all those treatments, but it didn’t help.

He had a bad time trying to get the treatments, having to drive to Norton, Vaa., for all the last several weeks, and took medication here at home at night that was very dangerous. They had to wear gloves to give it to him.

We hoped and prayed for him to get better, but to no avail. He had to go home to his maker. I know I’ll see him one day in the future. Our time will get here one day and what a great reunion it will be. “We have to be ready for that Great Reunion.” Our Heavenly Father will be here to meet us when we do.

We have a “dear friend” who has been so worried for his darling wife who has been in a coma for almost two weeks over being in a terrible wreck. He got word Monday, Aug. 21, that she is becoming able to respond to the doctors a little. I pray she will get better every day, and the bad pain will go away. She is in Lexington in a hospital.

My pastor, Mary K. Barnett, isn’t doing good either. She is in bad shape with her leg. She broke her ankle about two years ago and almost left us then with blood clots in her leg. But prayer and with good help from our Savior, she finally got able to come back home. She is so precious and loves all her special needs children. She is pastor of 4 Square Gospel Church, and she is the one who takes in children who need special help and care.

She is getting sickly now with that leg and foot and needs to go back to the hospital to see what can be done for her.

I used to go and sit with her when she first started her work with children. I helped her when I could, but I had children at home to take up my time.

We would have prayer meetings and Bible study or something every week. Then she finally got her big home built and got more children, and moved into the big home, the Sonshine Children’s Home, and then built a big, beautiful church and moved from the small church to the new one. God has blessed her so much.

Then just lately two people who pretended to be helping her took her love and made a mockery out of it, and they got caught and are being taken care of by the law. They did such a bad thing to a precious person. Their time will come and they will have to pay. “Ask God to help her in all ways!”

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