Whitesburg KY

Visit to cabin ends in trip to hospital

Did you ever sit around and get to day dreaming about taking a nice vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? There are many places to go such as Myrtle Beach, Dollywood, Disney World, the Smokies, or a little cabin in the country. The other four are of no interest to this old country boy, but the cabin in the country is.

June 25, my wife and I, along with three of our grandchildren, went to the cabin at Lake Cumberland. We went down there on a Wednesday afternoon and were having a good time, but on Friday afternoon I spoiled our vacation.

I went behind the cabin to cover our water barrels with screen to keep critters and leaves out of them. All at once I got a strange feeling and the next thing I realized I was on the ground on my back with my head downhill. I only had about three seconds until the lights went out. One thing for sure and two things for certain, I really needed that jolt when I hit the ground.

We have some friends who live close to where we were, Elder Rulah Whitaker and his wife Peggy. My wife called them on our cell phone then called 911. Our friends were there in about five minutes and she hadn’t even taken time to put her shoes on. It took the ambulance awhile to get there since they had to come from Russell Springs.

When they got there my pulse was 14, so I was in pretty bad shape. As soon as I was in the ambulance they hooked me up to a machine which they called a pacer. When they first turned the machine on I asked them to turn it down a little because I didn’t know which would be worse, dying of heart failure or electrocution. They wouldn’t turn it down very much since my heart couldn’t sustain me on its own, but it was enough so I could stand it.

My friends were in my 4-Runner along with my family. They followed us out of Russell County into Pulaski County but when the ambulance got onto Rte. 80 they poured the coal on and put the pedal to the metal. After that the ones following were running at 80 miles per hour and couldn’t see the ambulance’s taillights.

Things got a lot more hectic when we reached the Lake Cumberland Hospital but when you gotta go, you gotta go. I never did worry about my predicament because I put my trust in the doctor who heals both soul and body, with whom I got acquainted in 1976.

I would like to thank Rulah and Peggy for responding, for helping at the hospital, and for the prayers at the hospital. Without them I doubt if I would be writing this. In other words, it pays to have friends in low places and a friend in a high place.

I sure hope this is not a trend because I have been in a hospital three times in the past eight months, every four months, the last of October, the last of February, and the last of June. That’s not a very good average, but hey, I’m not complaining. I give thanks to God because I can still plant both feet on the ground and I can still greet a new day with a smile.

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