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Visit to library brings memories

Hello everyone.

I finally went to the Harry M. Caudill Memorial Library and signed up for a library card this past week. I was asked if I ever had a card from that library or any other local libraries. I told the lady that the last time I was at the Whitesburg library, my mom checked out the book for me. Back in the 1960s, my mother, Emma Lou Campbell, was the bookmobile driver and then she became the librarian. At that time the library was located in the courthouse where the jail is now located. A lot of memories have surfaced when I thought about the library. Riding with my mom in the ‘new’ bookmobile was always a treat. I loved sitting in the passenger seat as you could see everything. Everyone that would come into the bookmobile knew my mom and I was proud of that.

Sometimes I would go to the library after school and wait on Mom to go home. Sometimes my best friend, Teresa Baker Cooper, would go with me to the library after school. It extended our fun time together. I remember going into the Daniel Boone Hotel with Teresa and we asked to look at a room. We had never been in a hotel and we wanted to see what it looked like. We were given the key and permission to look at a room. We rode the elevator upstairs, which was probably our first time on an elevator. Our plan was to stay in that hotel when we grew up. It turned out that neither one of us ever stayed at the Daniel Boone Hotel.

Kae and David Fisher celebrated their 30th anniversary on February 17. They celebrated with dinner at The Grill. Congratulations to Kae and David.

My grandparents, Cassel and Beulah Caudill, would have celebrated 90 years of marriage on February 16, 2019. They were married in 1929 and were married 73 years. Granny and Pa were role models for all of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Avery Adkins celebrated his ninth birthday on February 12. He had a party at the Dorton skating rink. Avery is the son of Jessica Pease and Danny Adkins and his grandparents are Kae and David Fisher.

Corbin Clay Eversole of Pikeville celebrated his third birthday at Gatti Land on February 10. Corbin is the son of Fred and Tiffany Eversole and the grandson of Doris Ison of Little Cowan.

A big happy birthday wish for my nephew, Michael Campbell. Michael came in for the weekend to visit his dad, John Campbell, and other relatives. Janis Marr and family also came in for the weekend to celebrate her brother’s birthday.

Happy birthday to my uncle, Bob Caudill.

Carolina and Bentleigh Eldridge enjoyed watching the twin lambs belonging to Randy Brown. The girls saw the lambs right after they were born. Carolina and Bentleigh are the daughters of Morgan and Byron Eldridge and the granddaughters of Doris Ison.

Harold Day is now at Letcher Manor Rehabilitation for additional physical therapy. We’re sending warm thoughts for a quick recovery.

Robert Brown and sons Bradley and Joseph of Jonesborough, Tenn., attended Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church on Sunday. Robert is the son of the late Stephen Brown and the grandson of the late Myrel and Virginia Brown.

On Little Cowan where the Gas Hill Road (what I call it) is located, the road has a lot of gravel and water on it. When the temperature drops, it freezes in that area. Be careful driving through there, especially when going down the hill.

This week’s quote from Social Media is “Take chances in life, because some things only happen once.” I’ve always said I don’t want to have a regret that I didn’t try to do something.

If you have any Cowan news, please email me cowannews@aol.com.

Have a good week and stay dry.

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