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Visiting grandsons is enjoyable time

Northeast Ohio

A really good morning to you and hoping all are warm and well. We had rain most all day yesterday (Wednesday) but it really wasn’t all that cold, just damp and cool. No rain today but much cooler.

Hope it’s not too cold tomorrow as Red goes for another shot in his eye. His appointment is at 8:45, and Bill will be taking us. He says unless there’s an improvement, he’s not going back. He does know this not a cure but maybe a slowdown.

He has talked to several of his family this week, his brother Charles, sisters Mae and Jean, nephew Gary Hunsucker and niece Carlita Adams.

The only ones in my family I have talked to are Bill and Redia, Richard and Georgia, and Jeanie. They got home Tuesday late from their trip to Cummings, Ga. and waited till yesterday to call.

They must have had a very enjoyable visit. Course I suppose anytime they get to see those two handsome grandsons it’s a super duper occasion.

Georgia called, said she and Richard would most likely stop by. I should have baked or fixed a dessert, but have got a mess to clean up. I’m cleaning house. Going through papers and other things that have seemed to have grown over time. Before dinnertime I had dumped three garbage bags in one barrel and a lot in recyclables.

Wanted to get some letters in mail this morning but as usual waited too long. Mail was here and gone by 9 a.m. Guess I’m just a slowpoke, so to all who have written lately I do promise to start writing even if I only do one letter a day.

Hello to cousin Eva Dale, Betty Wells, Patty Eubank, Don and Ava Blair, Glenora Eldridge, Doris King, Oma Hatton and Rose Ballard. I do so hope and pray that you are doing better, but I do know that it takes time for the hurt and missing to go away. Love you!

Also want to say hello to dear friend Clara Pfister in Michigan, and soon as Catharine has time will send you what I promised. Will call soon as it’s on the way so you can watch mailbox.

Been thinking about Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass, wondering if they are well and what is going on in their lives now. I love to listen to the CDs they sent us as well as the ones others sent us. If we can’t go to church, we can have our own here at home.

Sunday, being Sept. 30 and an odd Sunday, will be church time at Little Edna, it’s on the fourth Saturday and odd Sunday. Sure hope Red will feel up to going after the shot in eye.

I have just about quit driving and as weather worsens, I just stop. Just drive short distances and can be at Little Edna Church in less than half an hour.

Been a dreary cold day here and I for one ain’t looking forward to winter. I’m one of those who freezes when the hot sun is replaced with shade in the middle of summer. As a kid I used to watch my brothers and sisters play in snow, making snow forts and pelting each other with snowballs. And where was I, one might ask? Inside looking out.

Our Rose of Sharon just seems to keep on blooming and blooming and such beautiful colors. Leaves are beginning to fall and some are showing some gorgeous colors and that could make one a bit homesick to see the mountains of Letcher County (a lot homesick).

On that note I’m going to stop before I shed a tear or two.

Wishing all a blessed week and may your lives and hearts be filled with love and happiness.

See you next time, good Lord willing.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440)233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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